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Published: November 3, 2021

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  • The global streaming service Netflix has finally entered the world of video games
  • Five games have been released as Netflix ushered in its games section
  • The titles are currently only available for Android and are included in the basic Netflix subscription

As promised earlier this year, Netflix has stepped into the world of video games with five new mobile-exclusive titles.

Netflix Enters Gaming

Netflix is finally moving forward with its gaming section. The global broadcasting leader decided to explore this new market by releasing five titles. There is a rather disappointing catch, however, as all of the titles are for mobile devices.

The games will be included in the basic Netflix subscription and users will not have to pay extra. Yet, unlike with Netflix’ movies and series, the games have to be downloaded and cannot be played in the Netflix app or browser. This also means that once downloaded, the games do not require an internet connection to be played, which is a boon to those who do not have constant Wi-Fi access.

For now, though, these are the five titles available on Netflix:

  • Card Blast
  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game
  • Shooting Hoops
  • Teeter Up

BonusXP has returned as a publisher to Netflix’ two new Stranger Things titles. It is the same publishing company that was behind the very first Stranger Things: The Game edition back in 2017.

The Streaming Platform Prefers Sticking to Mobile Tiles

The games are currently exclusively available for Android devices. It is unknown if Netflix is planning to release them for other platforms in the future but for now, it seems that the company prefers sticking to what it knows best.

Netflix initially announced its decision to explore the world of gaming in July. Earlier this month it revealed that it had acquired the video game developer Night School Studio which attests to the platform’s dedication to its new video game section. With five titles already released and more likely in the works, it is clear that Netflix has intentions of establishing itself in the world of gaming.

“Establishing itself” is a pretty loose phrase, though, as it’s currently unknown how focused on gaming the platform is planning to be. It is possible that it’s merely planning to provide simple gaming options to those seeking a more engaging experience but there is also the chance that it might have bigger plans for the future.

In any case, the mobile gaming market has proven itself as the fastest-growing market for video games. Netflix’ decision to focus on it might be a way to look toward the future. Some analytics even go as far as predicting that mobile gaming will soon outclass its more traditional PC and console competitors. With this in mind, Netflix’ decision to stick with mobile titles makes sense.

It’s far too early to tell how Netflix’ gaming section is going to fare but it is curious to follow its development.

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