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Published: January 6, 2022

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  • Riot Games unveiled Neon – an electrifying new agent coming to VALORANT
  • Neon is a Filipino agent with a mastery over electricity
  • Her skills allow her to sprint, shield herself with energy walls and shoot enemies down with electricity

Riot Games provided a fresh look at Neon, VALORANT’s new agent. Neon will have mastery over lighting and will use it to gain an advantage over her enemies.

Neon Sprints Onto the Scene

It would seem that Riot Games is on an electric roll. Just as the game developing company announced a new electric champion called Zeri is coming to League of Legends’ Nexus, it also revealed that a new agent with similar powers is coming to VALORANT.

The new agent will be called Neon – a name that very well fits the character’s striking blue color palette. In an energetic promotional video coming after weeks of subtle teases, Riot demonstrated what kind of a person Neon is and what her special powers are.

Neon is an agent originating from the Philippines. During the video, Neon plays and sings along to “Entertain Me” by Ylona Garcia and 88rising, and the video cuts between scenes of the agent arranging her new room and gameplay footage of Neon fighting her enemies. She is passionate about music and sports, which is demonstrated by the interior of the room she is decorating.

The Video Showcased Neon’s Powers

As for Neon’s gameplay, there is a lot to talk about.  For starters, the trailer showcased that she can use her electric powers to run at lighting fast speeds. This skill will be a great tool for all players who prefer fast and agile agents and want to be able to quickly engage and disengage from fights.

Furthermore, Neon is armed with another electrifying ability – one that lets her throw balls of lighting that work very similarly to a grenade – they jump off walls and eventually deal nasty AOE damage when they land.  

Going further, Neon showcased an amazing-looking ability that lets her summon two parallel blue walls to create a corridor of safety. The agent can then quickly exit the walls from any point and deliver surprising and deadly shots to her adversaries.

Lastly, Neon’s ace in the sleeve seems to be an electric shot coming from her fingers. In the video, the agent fells several enemies with it but the exact damage it deals with and for how long Neon can use it are still details to be announced. Whatever the case, the ability definitely seems to pack a punch.

According to the video description, Neon will be arriving in VALORANT Episode 4: Disruption.

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