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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Esports Technologies has appointed Jordan Clarkson as a brand ambassador to boost the company’s global footprint
  • Clarkson is known in North America and Southeast Asia, where Esports Technologies is focusing its efforts
  • Gogawi, the sports betting platform by Esports Technologies, is looking for a global recognition

Jordan Clarkson is joining Esports Technologies and the firm’s betting arm, Gogawi, as a brand ambassador to boost awareness globally.

Clarkson to Drive Awareness Initiative for Esports Technologies

Esports Technologies is back in the news, with the esports betting firm now tying up an important marketing partnership with Jordan Clarkson, the Utah Jazz’s NBA ace. Clarkson is stepping in as a brand ambassador in a bid to raise awareness about Esports Technologies and boost its marketing efforts across social media. He will participate in company streams and have other appearances designed to optimize the firm’s profile.

The company is happy to tap into Clarkson’s strong global presence with audiences from both North America and the Philippines following his career in the NBA since 2014. Speaking about the opportunity to be joining Esports Technologies, Clarkson said that he was excited to be joining the firm and serve as a brand ambassador.

This company is on track to change esports and wagering as we know it,” Clarkson said, adding that he was ready to make Esports Technologies make an impact. Choosing a player that strikes home with Southeast Asia (SEA) region is smart at a time when Esports Technologies is pushing in the region with the Gogawi esports wagering platform, which recently launched in Thailand, following a launch in Japan. Gogawi recently added Rocket League as its newest betting title.

Creating a Global Brand in Esports Betting

The company is offering numerous betting opportunities, including markets on the NBA 2K, which Clarkson is playing himself, with some forays into traditional sports betting markets as well. Commenting on this partnership, Esports Technologies CEO Aaron Speach welcomed Clarkson’s addition and extolled his virtues as one of the NBA’s biggest stars.

“His background, talents, and dynamic personality make him an ideal brand ambassador for us,” Speach continued, adding that Clarkson stood for everything that Esports Technologies represented, and the present partnership would allow the company to catapult itself on the global scene.

Esports gambling is slowly picking up momentum with a platform such as Luckbox and Rivalry, and now Gogawi, making ripples in the competitive video gaming industry. How far can these companies and the betting industry go is still work-in-progress.

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