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Published: October 16, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Ukrainian esports organization is fielding a new CS2 team comprised of players aged 16 to 18
  • Only Dmytro “⁠Dem0N⁠” Myroshnychenko remains from the old squad
  • He is joined by another Ukrainian, two Kosovar, and one Romanian player

NaVi is shifting around its younger division of Counter-Strike 2 players, moving moved the previous Ukrainian roster under NaVi Youth while revealing NaVi Junior with its international players.

NaVi Unveils New Project

Many esports players’ professional careers start when they are at a very young age, sometimes while even still being in high school. They are often facilitated by the fact that some esports organizations have youth teams usually consisting of 16–18-year-olds. NaVi is one of them and it recently unveiled its revamped Counter-Strike 2 Junior roster.

The Ukrainian esports organization’s new team has been in the making for a couple of months now. In August, NaVi opened the division up to international players and moved the previous Ukrainian roster under NAVI Youth. This team consists of all Ukrainian players, while NaVi Junior has a mixture of European players. Only Dmytro “⁠Dem0N⁠” Myroshnychenko remains from the old roster.

The rest of the new team came from a lengthy screening period in which NaVi received “a remarkable number of applications from players all over the world”. That being the case, the Ukrainian organization had a large pool of players to choose from. The new members were chosen by Amiran “⁠aMi⁠” Rehviashvili, NaVi’s head of esports, and the Junior division’s recently-appointed new coach, 35-year-old Spaniard David “⁠Kairi⁠” de Miguel, who seems very excited about the new team’s prospects.

“I am excited to introduce the new international Junior roster. This is a new experience for us and a new challenge for the Academy,” aMi commented about the signings. “I am confident we will stay true to our philosophy and raise a new generation of champions. I’m looking forward to the first matches of the Academy team. Support the future champions, support NAVI Junior.”

The new team consists of two Ukrainian players, the previously mentioned Dem0N, as well as Maksym “Magic” Melnychuk. They are joined by the young Kosovar CS2 talents Aulon “⁠krabeni⁠” Fazlija and Drin “⁠makazze⁠” Shaqiri, who are 18 and 16 years old, respectively. The team is rounded up by 17-year-old Romanian player David “⁠fnl⁠” Mușuroiu.

The players have a long road ahead of them, but it seems like they are full of energy. “This is a new experience, a new page in my life,” said Dem0N. “I am so excited and curious to see what will come of it.”

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