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Published: November 17, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Destroying an overwatch helicopter in Modern Warfare III does not give any XP
  • Many fans criticized the devs for porting the bug over from MWII
  • Some said that MWIII is not even a port, but rather a repackage or DLC of the older game

Call of Duty fans have been complaining of more bugs in Modern Warfare III, this time criticizing the devs for not fixing the overwatch helicopter XP bug that has been present since the previous game.

Fans Call Out Devs

It seems to have been a rough first week for CoD: Modern Warfare III, which was released last Friday as players have been encountering issues the entire week. Fans have found what to complain about in almost every aspect of the game, be it the shortness of the campaign, the new weapons progression system, or various bugs. Although MWIII is supposed to be the newest iteration of the franchise, according to many players, the game feels more like a DLC or a repackaged version of MWII.

This is partly supported by the fact that the new title seems to carry over the same bugs and glitches from the older one. One bug in particular prevents players from gaining XP when destroying an Overwatch helicopter. Fans called out Activision and Sledgehammer Games about this issue in a Reddit post, with the comment section quickly filling up with hilarious critiques of the devs.

“Maybe the XP is the friends you made along the way calling you the N word in the lobby,” one top-voted comment reads, while another simply had the laconic “Carry Forward™️”, alluding to the fact that MWII’s cosmetic items have been forwarded to the new game. It seems, however, that the weapon and operator skins were not the only things that were moved from one title to another.

However, there was that part of the comment section that argued the bugs have not been transferred to MWIII, but rather remained there, as they say that the new game feels like a repackaged version of MWII. “They never ported the bug over since mw2 and mw3 are the same game… it’s like overwatch but with an 2,” one comment reads. “They didn’t port the bug over. It’s the same game, same engine with minor tweaks to movement and health, sold at a $70 price tag,” another seemed to come to the same conclusion.

It should be noted that besides this bug still persisting, at least players get a scrap assist. However, most players are not satisfied with just that, especially when destroying the overwatch helo should give XP, as it did in the original games.

Despite Sledgehammer seemingly forgetting about this issue from the days of MWII and not fixing it in MWIII, the studio seems to pay more attention to other bugs, which are actually beneficial to players. The devs recently removed the sentry from Zombies as a duplication bug made it relatively easy for players to grind lots of XP fast.

There is a slew of other issues with Modern Warfare III right now, but unfortunately, it seems to have become almost customary for triple-A games to be launched with a ton of bugs. Although the devs are working to fix these issues, the reputational damage has already been done.

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