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Published: October 11, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CoD: Modern Warfare III’s beta will arrive on PC on October 12
  • Nvidia has announced it will release a driver update that will increase performance
  • The company also adding its Reflex software into the game, which will reduce latency

With the announcement of Nvidia offering a DLSS2 driver update, Modern Warfare III Beta players can expect an increase of FPS of over 50%, depending on the resolution they play at.

Nvidia Releases Update

Development of video games and computer hardware often go hand in hand. As computer parts improve and become more powerful, new opportunities arise for game developers. Conversely, as the gaming community wants games that require more computing power, manufacturers upgrade their products and corresponding drivers to meet the new software demands.

Such a thing is happening currently, as Activision is soon about to release a beta event for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which starts on PC on October 12. Fans will be delighted to hear that Nvidia’s latest Game Ready Driver will offer them DLSS 2 and Nvidia Reflex, boosting the performance of the beta.

In a recent blog post, the company explained that the MWIII beta will have a better performance thanks to the driver update, but the full release of the game, which comes on November 10, will have a DLSS 3. But even with the older gen, players still welcomed the news, as it will give them a significant increase in FPS, depending on the resolution they are playing at.

For example, when playing with a resolution of 1080p, you could expect an increase in FPS of over 50% when DLSS 2 is active. Meanwhile, if you play at a higher resolution, say 1440p or 4k, players could still expect to see a 20-25% boost, which is still quite significant. When DLSS 3 is released with the full game next month, it’s entirely possible that PC players will get a few more frames over what is possible now. Nvidia is additionally adding its Reflex software into the game, which will help in reducing latency as a whole.

Of course, all of this would matter if you have the appropriate hardware to run the game on. Nvidia’s news might be welcomed by the PC community, who might already have the latest GPUs to run the game on, but the driver upgrade will not affect PlayStation players. However, the latter has one key advantage over their PC counterparts – they have already been playing the MWIII beta since last week. Here’s how you can play Modern Warfare III beta on PS5 and still try out the game earlier than PC players.

Nvidia’s news is surely welcomed by the PC community and it adds even more hype for the upcoming game.

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