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Published: August 31, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The skin’s price has increased by 10% but fans won’t be able to buy it with the 1K coin pack
  • Fans will now be forced to buy much larger coin packs in order to get the same skins
  • Players point out that other skins have also been increased in price

The return of Mercy’s Owl Guardian skin in the store with an increased price tag causes a domino effect that will force players to buy exceedingly more in-game currency to buy cosmetics.

Mercy’s Skin Price Tag Causes Another OW2 Controversy

At this point, everybody knows that Overwatch 2 is in a lot of trouble. Fans are constantly complaining about various aspects of the game, from content to management, and many have gone to Steam to give the hero shooter bad reviews, making the game’s score on the platform overly negative.

However, it seems the game’s troubles are not stopping, as now Overwatch 2 has been “hit by inflation” as a popular skin for Mercy has returned to the store with a higher price tag than before. The so-called Owl Guardian bundle is one of the more popular Mercy cosmetics and it used to sell for exactly 1 000 when it first launched. However, as one Reddit user pointed out in their post, now the bundle is being sold for 1 100 coins.

Despite being only a 10% increase in terms of in-game currency, the new price tag means players will have to pay substantially more in terms of real money to get the skin. This is because coins can be bought in packs of 1 000 and 1500, meaning that you will have to pay for the larger more expensive pack in order to get the bundle. You would then be left with 400 coins, which cannot be used for a lot. It gets even worse when you consider a lot of people want only the mercy bundle, but now they are forced to buy a bigger pack of coins, instead of the cheaper 1 000 one.

This is not a unique case, however, as other skins and bundles have also increased in price. For example, one commenter pointed out that the Mobster Junrat skin was 800 Coins when it was first released, however later increased to 1000.

Naturally, fans are not happy about the new changes, many saying that inflation seems to be present all around in the game. On the one hand, this should be expected as when last year Overwatch 2 became free-to-play, the selling of skins and other cosmetics became the main way the game makes money for Blizzard. On the other hand, the changing in prices in a way to force players to buy bigger coin bundles seems like an unfair move. Not to mention it won’t help the already struggling reputation of Overwatch 2 and Blizzard in general.

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