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Published: October 11, 2021

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  • Mass false reporting is quickly becoming an issue within New World
  • Players have abused the game’s functionality to ensure easy wins in battles
  • Frustrated New World players want the people doing mass false banning to be punished

Player reporting is a functionality that nearly all current games have. But while some developers design the reports to be manually reviewed, this is not the case with Amazon Games’ New World. Players who have lost battles have shared that they are frustrated with people abusing the reporting functionality of the game. By doing mass false reporting, some New World players are abusing the functionality getting innocent players banned.

Mass False Reporting Is an Issue Growing in New World

Released late last month, Amazon Games’ New World proved that it’s a highly-anticipated title, considering the high number of players and viewers on Twitch. In fact, only days after the game came out its popularity skyrocketed according to Steam statistics.

While initially many players reported issues with long waiting queues, it seems that there was another issue that has been getting more attention and frustrating the players in New World. That is mass false reporting which results in temporary bans for some of the players.

We May Lose the Game, Well, Let’s Ban Our Opponents

Generally, whenever a player reports another player, there must be a reason for that report such as bad language, griefing, cheating or another misdemeanor impacting the game of the team or opposing team. However, as it turns out New World has the option to temporarily suspend player accounts for 24 hours after receiving multiple reports from players. All of that sounds well until some players have decided to exploit the account suspension and report their opponents for no apparent reason. By reporting in bulk opponents, players were able to gain a key advantage when it comes to territory battles. After all, it does make a big difference if one company is missing 1,2,5, or even 15 or 20 players. Sadly, this malpractice isn’t currently punishable. In other words, this means that some players are purposefully ruining the game for others just to ensure themselves an easy win.

False Reporters Should Be Banned

In a discussion on Reddit, a user shared his frustration regarding the issue with mass reporting. They outlined that this occurrence is ridiculous and it results in their company losing territory for which they have fought hard and fair. The user nicknamed “grayson1478” said that out of 100 people company, 50 people were banned. According to the user, this is unacceptable, considering that the enemy players are only submitting mass reports. Moreover, grayson1478 urged the game developers to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Looking at the discussion we do see a lot of other New World players that share grayson1478’s concerns. One user participating in the Reddit discussion stressed that people who are doing false reporting should be banned. Another person agreed with them saying that players who are submitting false reports must be “banned permanently without warning.” This user said that the malpractice “destroys the game for people and is abusing of mechanics.”

Other people who also submitted a comment suggested that false reporting needs to be punishable with a temporary ban from 1 week to 1 month. Whatever the case is, considering the high number of players and popularity of the game, the next move remains in the hands of New World’s developer, Amazon Games.

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