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Published: December 20, 2021

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  • A man has been taken into custody after fatally shooting a friend of 26 years over a game
  • The two men were playing Diablo 2 and wanted to transfer some loot but it eventually got stolen
  • Dickson was angered and started rambling about the theft. Spellman told him to shut up or he will shoot him, which eventually ended up happening

An American man has shot his lifelong friend because of an argument over stolen loot in Diablo 2.

A Person Got Killed Because of a Diablo 2 Argument

In a quite concerning happening, a man killed his friend of 26 years over a dispute in Diablo 2. According to the story, the killer, Joshua G. Spellman, fatally shot Andrew W. Dickson after the two couldn’t properly trade loot in an online game.

Despite shooting his friend in such an unfortunate event, Spellman has no records of being involved in any criminal activity. The prosecution has currently set his bail at $750,000. The man’s trial is scheduled for December 29 this year. 

The Dispute Erupted Over Valuable Loot that Got Stolen

Here is what the detectives reported: Spellman and Dickson were playing an online Diablo 2 game with a friend. The former two joined an online lobby in order to transfer valuable loot. However, a random player hopped in the lobby and took the loot, effectively stealing the expensive items

The theft sent Dickson into a frenzy. He started angrily rambling about the situation, truly angered by the happening. Spellman first tried to calm him down and even warned him that he might get shot if he keeps on talking like this. Yet, Dickson didn’t stop there.

Spellman grabbed his gun from his desk and got out of the building. Dickson was living in a nearby building, owned by Spellman’s family. The armed man first shot a round in the air to warn his friend that he isn’t joking around. However, once he entered the building, Dickson confronted him, closed the distance, and got shot as a result.

The gun wound was right in the torso. Dickson was quickly taken to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver where he passed away from his wound.

Once taken into custody, Spellman was asked why he had a gun next to his computer, to which he replied that this shouldn’t be surprising in America.

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