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Published: June 19, 2021

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  • Magic the Gathering World Championship’s prize pool will be $750,000 lower than expected
  • It was expected to sit around a million but will instead be $250,000
  • Fans weren’t happy with the news, especially in the light of MPL and Rivals League’s recent cancellation 

Magic, the Gathering World Championship, will have a significantly lower prize pool and fans aren’t happy. 

The Prize Pool Plummets

The world championship in the popular card game Magic the Gathering will have a much smaller prize pool than previously discussed. The game’s production company, Wizards of the Coast, has announced it will be $250,000

The last number is significantly lower than what fans expected. Wizards of the Coast had promised a prize pool of a million – $750,000 more than the actuality. 

Professional Magic players were left disgruntled because the company has had marked some serious profits in recent times, and the prize lowering seems unreasonable. 

However, this isn’t even the first time players have been disappointed by Wizards of the Coasts’ decisions. The company recently announced it would be reworking the game’s competitive scene and, therefore, will host a smaller number of events starting 2022. The current season of the Rivals League and the Magic Pro League will be their last. 

As a result, Magic’s competitive aspect will change forever. Wizards of the Coast will no longer provide professional players with salaries or benefits, which would be a big hit to the upper echelon of the game’s community. 

Notable Magic Events to Come

The coming 2022 year may have a fewer number of Magic events, but for now, there is still a variety of tournaments coming. One of them is the 24 player Challenger Gauntlet which will see two dozens of professional non-league play for spots in the events to follow: those being the Rivals League, the MPL league, and finally the aforementioned World Championship. The Challenger Gauntlet will run between August 6 and August 8.

Despite the Rivals League and the MPL ending soon, they will go out with a bang as they also have some events remaining. The MPL Gauntlet and the Rivals Gauntlet will both take place between September 2 and September 5. Each will feature 24 players, out of which the best will move on to the World Championship. 

Finally, the World Championship itself will take place between October 8 and October 10 this year. 

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