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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The roster will continue playing under their banner for the remainder of NA VCT Challengers Stage Two
  • There are several potential reasons for the organization’s decision but no official information has yet been given
  • The team wants to continue playing together

Luminosity Gaming announced it is leaving the competitive VALORANT scene “for the foreseeable future”.

Luminosity Leaves VALORANT

Sometimes esports organizations retire their teams and leave a certain game, but this most often happens off-season. However, in rare cases organizations decide to leave a certain sport in the middle of an important tournament, and this is the case with Luminosity Gaming who left VALORANT in the middle of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022.

The organization announced on June 2 that it is leaving the competitive VALORANT scene for the “foreseeable future.” Although Luminosity is trying to find a new home for its roster, it will still play under the organization’s banner for the remainder of NA VCT Challengers Stage Two. It consists of the following players:

  • Kaleb “moose” Jayne
  • Will “dazzLe” Loafman
  • Tanner “TiGG” Spanu
  • Adam “mada” Pampuch
  • Brandon Michael “bdog” Sanders
  • Jared “mac” Schneider (head coach)

Why Did Luminosity Make This Move?

It is perhaps too early to know every reason detail, but Luminosity’s exit is likely a culmination of many factors. For one, the organization, which first entered the competitive VALORANT scene in August 2020, has not performed too well. Luminosity parted ways with its original roster some time ago and has since not achieved any significant results. It won just a couple of smaller championships but never attended an international event.

Luminosity explains in its official statement that the organization still remains passionate about esports and will continue to compete in every other esports it is involved in. “Exiting VALORANT is not an easy decision for us,” the statement reads,” we look forward to Riot’s upcoming structure for 2023 and we do not rule out the opportunity to participate in VALORANT esports again down the road.”

Speaking of Riot’s upcoming 2023 structure, the company recently hosted a meeting with teams to discuss the partnership system for 2023. According to reports, the North American, Brazilian, and Latin American leagues will have eight to 10 teams that will receive a direct invite next year. Additionally, organizations can apply for a chance to become Riot’s partner over the next few months. Perhaps Luminosity was not happy with these changes, which played a part in them leaving VALORANT.

Meanwhile, it seems that the roster wants to stay together while looking for a new organization to play under. “Keeping our roster AND staff together is incredibly important to us, and vital to the long-term success of this team,” wrote player moose.

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