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Published: January 7, 2022

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  • Luckbox will seek to increase its player-acquisition efforts and sustain financial growth in 2022
  • The company did see a sharp drop in its share value between February and December 2021
  • Real Luck Group CEO Thomas Rosander will be reaching out to direct investors in a bid to reinforce the company’s offer

As Luckbox exits 2021, the company’s parent entity chief executive Thomas Rosander talks about the future and what 2022 holds for the esports-first betting platform.

Player Acquisition Becomes a Focal Point for Luckbox

Real Luck Group has published its outlook for 2022, focusing on Luckbox, its dedicated esports betting platform that has been expanding into new verticals. Speaking about the future in a blog post, Group CEO Thomas Rosander commented on how Luckbox will expand in the months to come.

The first thing the executive noted was the successful launch of the online casino platform, which the team hopes would result in sustained revenue and reinforce the company’s growth efforts.

Luckbox started as an esports betting agency, but it gradually transitioned to create a multi-pronged product that features aspects of different entertainment verticals, including traditional sports and iGaming.

This, Rosander, argues would lead to an increase in the company’s player base and revenue. There have been several private placements throughout 2021, the executive explained, which have helped Luckbox deploy its marketing efforts on a grander scale and boost revenue along the way.

Ailing Share Pricing Is Nothing to Worry About

While the share price has suffered and inched down from C$1.62 in February 2021 down to C$0.22 today, Luckbox is confident that it can restore value. “We believe this represents an opportunity for investors as we move into a growth phase in our business and we look forward to communicating our progress throughout 2022,” the executive stated.

The new year will see a lot of time and effort expended on acquiring new players. There will be a lot of outreach to direct investors that will provide Luckbox with the means to continue delivering its quality products.

Rosander will be actively looking to meet investors beginning this month with the help of Capital Events. Meanwhile, the executive promised that more good news will be coming soon. Rosander remains optimistic that the esports betting vertical can be lucrative, but he is not betting on it exclusively.

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