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Published: December 3, 2021

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  • LS returns to coaching after a long break
  • Recently he has been co-casting games online
  • He shares his opinion of the need to have more internal practice

Cloud9 announced that they have officially signed Nick De Cesare, a.k.a LS, as their head coach for the 2022 League of Legends season.

Cloud9 Signs LS as New Coach

LS returns to coaching after spending the last two LoL seasons as a streamer, by signing a contract with Cloud9. During his content creation days, he became popular for his co-streams of professional matches from across the game’s major regions. The news of the new contract was announced with a short video on Cloud9’s Twitter.

LS’s coaching career goes back years. He joined the Supa Hot Crew as a coach/analyst back in May of 2014. Later on, he coached with Korea’s bbq Olivers. LS also has experience in the North American League of Legends scene with teams such as Gravity and Tempo Storm, coaching them in 2015.

As a South Korean citizen with strong ties to the League of Legends sphere in the country, he is considered to be a connection between the Western and Eastern teams, and this is one of the reasons why Cloud9 signed a contract with him.

Cloud9’s Plans for the Future

LS said that this is the moment to go back to coaching. “And, I thought watching Worlds this past year that LPL and LCK teams actually regressed in terms of gameplay … and I never felt that before in previous years,” he said.

On the League of Legends World Championship, Cloud9 managed to reach the quarterfinals, earning decisive victories over teams from the LPL and LEC to advance to the top eight. The organization has decided to make significant changes for the 2022 team composition, with many players leaving the roster. LS is a new addition to the team, along with new players top laner Summit, AD carry Berserker, and support Winsome.

In the next season, LS will work with Cloud9’s entire League roster. Some of the players include top laner Darshan, as well as bottom laners Zven and K1ng.

LS said that he has always been outspoken about the need to play control matches against an Academy team and the need to have internal practice. “So, the Academy team is being stacked with also really high-level players and then even other coaches and other staff members that are being brought in, who are also Korean Challenger level players,” he said.

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