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Published: February 16, 2022

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  • Rare Atom is tipped as the favorite for the upcoming game on Friday
  • LGD offers much better odds on winning the series
  • We believe LGD is underestimated in the overall odds assessment

The LPL Spring Split Week 5 is upon us and there are tons of interesting games to watch. One of those is bound to be between Rare Atom and LGD who will try to add another victory to their names.

Whether this will be the case, and for whom, is another matter altogether. Alas, both teams are at the bottom of the LPL and have only a 17% win rate. The odds are great, though and we think that you can get a decent value betting opportunity here.

Rare Atom vs LGD Odds (February 18, 2022)

  • Rare Atom: 1.52
  • LGD: 2.24

Rare Atom vs LGD Date & Stream

  • Date: Friday, February 18
  • Time: 9:00
  • Watch: Twitch

Rare Atom Betting Preview (Feb 18, 2022)

Rare Atom are pretty much no different than LGD. They have lost one game fewer and this seems to be their only advantage for the upcoming game on Friday, enough it seems to give the oddsmaker sufficient confidence and put the team as the favorite.

RA most recently lost to iG and AL both in Week 4 while LGD had a bye in Week 4 and won against OMG in a 2-1 sweep in Week 3. Rare Atom is arguably sporting a better overall roster, but we are a little skeptical of that. For the most part, Rare Atom has been unassuming this season and it would be difficult to imagine them winning on Friday, even if the oddsmakers seems so much. Rather, we think LGD is a better bet here and we will explain why.

LGD Betting Preview (Feb 18, 2022)

Why LGD? Well, for starters, LGD was able to beat OMG in Week 3. OMG are #9 in the overall seed and that is not exactly an impressive feat but enough to give us sufficient reason to believe that the 2.24 listed by the oddsmaker are a bit of an underestimate of the team’s actual abilities to perform.

LGD is one of the oldest professional esports houses in China, but it has been one of those that has suffered the most. The good news is that LGD has been running a fairly new roster since December 2021 and the team is still finding its dynamic. True, this may cost them a few games, but the potential to climb up the leaderboard in the LPL Spring Split is still there. We believe the match winner selection here is good.

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