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Published: November 16, 2021

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  • Shotguns have been in dire need of rebalancing, players say
  • Vanguard’s developers have promised that a balance patch will be coming soon
  • Will it come in time, before new small maps are included in the game?

Any serious CoD Vanguard player knows shotguns are the meta, and for many of those, they desperately need a nerf. The game’s developers have announced that one is coming.

Nerf Shotguns Please

From disappointments regarding new maps to long-ish weapon camo challenges to zombie mods people don’t seem to like that much, it seems players keep finding problems with Vanguard. The latest gameplay problem is the seemingly large imbalance shotguns bring to the game. Players have been complaining that shotguns are too overpowered, practically dominating smaller maps, most easily illustrated by the clip posted on Twitter:

Players are criticizing the fact that a shotgun with some attachments on can effectively give you a one-shot headshot from 12 to 15 meters. This is especially problematic on smaller maps like Das Haus. ” ‘I only play the mode with the tiniest map and maximum players because some streamer says I will level up faster and it turns out CQC weapons have an advantage!’ No. F**king. Sh*t. “, wrote one Reddit user by the name of Undaedalus.

Other players are blaming the shotguns’ prevalence on the design of the maps. Whatever the case, it seems most players want the guns to be nerfed.

Sledgehammer Responds to Players’ Plight

It seems Vanguard’s developers have heard the plight of its players, as they responded to the before-mentioned Twitter clip with a “We’re here to perform a shotgun exorcism.” caption, accompanied by a gif saying “It’s time for a nerf”.

Although the post is not quite official, it still brings hope to many players that the balance issue will soon be sorted out. Vanguard has had its share of turbulence since its launch, but the devs have been trying their best to address the problems. Recently they have announced new incoming changes to help combat cheating and hacking, which has been plaguing Vanguard since its release.

Players hope that Sledgehammer will fulfill their promise as soon as possible, as this week the ultimate small map, Shipment, is being added to the game. In the case shotguns are not fixed before the map drops, one can be certain they will be the map’s meta.

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