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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The champion will not be part of the upcoming 2023 MSI
  • This made many fans question if Riot could just ban Yuumi from pro play altogether
  • It’s unlikely Riot would do this, as many players want to know pros play on the same rules

Although Yuumi received a much-needed rework last month, many fans are still unhappy about the Magical Cat and are calling for Riot to delete her permanently from pro play.

Fans Discuss Yuumi’s Future

When one asks the average League of Legends player which champion they hate the most, chances are high they will say it’s Yuumi. The Magical Cat has been a thorn in the side of many players, as she is often considered to be too easy to play with, but a pain to fight against, thanks to her easy-to-learn skill set and her ability to become untargetable when latching onto an ally.

 The champion received a much-needed rework last month, but fans quickly deemed Yuumi’s rework a failure. Considering Riot knows it has not done a great job on the champion, it should not be surprising that the company decided to disable Yuumi for the upcoming event. However, with the news that the Magical Cat will not be part of the 2023 MSI, many fans started asking if Riot could ban her from pro play altogether.

Following her rework, Yuumi isn’t much of a threat as she doesn’t deal a lot of damage. The new “friendship” mechanic is a thing she now heavily relies on. However, she is still untargetable when attached to an ally, which makes her especially annoying when she’s combined with a fed ADC or a champion like Master Yi. 

Fans discussed the possibility of Riot banning Yuumi from pro tournaments in a LoL subreddit post, with the OP saying that Riot has full control of which champions can be included in the MSI. The idea for tournaments to be played on different rules has been floated many times before. But some players in the comments explained that this could not happen, as it is important for fans to know they play on the same rules as professionals do.

“”Why doesn’t pro play have its own game rules?” is an old question that’s been asked many times. It would make a lot of the game balancing easier. Riot’s most common rebuttal is that it matters a lot to the audience that pro games are playing by the same rules as everyone else,” reads one top-voted comment. 

Although removing Yuumi from competitive play entirely is highly unlikely, Riot has already made exceptions for certain tournaments by banning some champions. Perhaps if the pressure from the community is large enough, Riot may consider removing Yuumi from pro play in the future.

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