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Published: January 3, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Briar has been topping ranks in Platinum, Gold, and Silver over the past months
  • Many players have been complaining about how OP her Lethality build is and have suggested fixes
  • This might not happen, as the expected item meta shift might nerf Briar instead

With Season 14 of League of Legends launching next week, many fans have once again started wanting Riot to nerf Briar.

Fans Want Changes

Ever since she was added to League of Legends in September last year, Briar has been somewhat of a controversial champion. Over the past months, she has undergone several big changes aiming to make her a balanced character. Despite that, as of the beginning of 2024, the Restrained Hunger still dominates the lower tiers despite numerous nerfs.

A lot of her power can be traced to one specific build. According to stats tracking platform LoLalytics, Briar has been topping ranks in Platinum, Gold, and Silver, scoring a 53% win rate across the ladder, with a 6.4% pick rate. Of course, players have noticed this and have started banning the champion, as her ban rate currently exceeds 30%.

However, this is not a perfect solution to the problem and many fans want Riot to do something about the champion. Players discussed how Briar’s OP lethality build can be nerfed in a recent Reddit thread. One of the most highly voted suggestions was to give her health scaling on W. This would incentivize the player to build health thus shifting her to bruiser build.

Other highly voted comments read similar things. One said: “If they want her to be a bruiser, make her damage scale off health instead of AD. Otherwise, Lethality, in its current state, will just always hit like a truck. I do not know how she fairs with the new season item updates, however.”

That last sentence, however, seems to point at a reason why Riot might not actually do anything about Briar anytime soon. League of Legends is expected to get a big item update next week with the start of Season 14, which will drastically shift the meta, also affecting Briar’s Lethality build. That being said, it’s unclear how the new meta would affect the champion.

Briar Has Been Hard to Nerf

From time to time a champion pops up that is rather hard to deal with and it seems Briar has had the title for the past couple of months. When she was released in mid-September, she actually had a dismal performance, sporting a very low win rate. It was not until an emergency patch saw Briar remarkably pass the 50% win rate a couple of weeks after her release.

However, it seems Riot might have overdone things, as since then, she has remained at or near the top of many different LoL classifications. This even resulted in Briar not participating in the LoL Worlds a couple of months ago, as she was difficult to balance and there was real danger she might dominate the tournament.

All of this might end, however, with the start of Season 14 on January 9, which is also likely the reason why Riot has not been giving more attention to the champion during the past few weeks. If the new meta changes Briar’s gameplay sufficiently, it would be pointless to make nerfs right now.

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