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Published: August 29, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • League of Legends’ devs have announced that the anticipated mid-scope update will be delayed
  • Riot devs explain that the main reason for this is a shortage of manpower
  • The company will eventually put out the mid-scope changes in a big future patch

League of Legends’ anticipated mid-scope update will be delayed until future patches, as the team behind it is also currently working on the preseason.

Update Put On Hold

Every highly competitive game needs constant updates in order to keep its various elements balanced and League of Legends is no exception to that rule. Riot Games has been doing so through various means, one of which is the scheduled mid-scope updates. However, the company recently revealed that they are putting the update on hold, at least for now.

The news comes from a Dev update where Andrei “Meddler”’ van Roon explained why this is the case. According to the League developer, the main reason for this decision is the fact that the people who work on mid-scopes are (mainly) the same team that works on the preseason, therefore it seems Riot simply lacks the manpower currently. “Once preseason work’s out of the way we’ll take a look at things and see whether to put mid-scopes, other work, or a mixture of the two on the docket,” Meddler explained.

Although mid-scope updates, unlike reworks, only imply changes made to the champion’s kit and normally don’t bring any major visual or sound effect updates, they are still an important part of the game. Ivern’s update in Patch 13.11 is the most recent example of such a thing. The champion’s power was shifted from enchanting and buff-sharing to a more aggressive playstyle. Now, the Green Father mains will be able to catch wandering enemies and punish them with Rootcaller and Daisy.

Despite the mid-scope changes being delayed currently, Riot plans to eventually implement them in the game. However, this will most likely happen in one big patch and will be followed up in the next couple of patches. “We were already kind of getting into a ‘season start patch has meaningful gameplay changes’ pattern beforehand, so there was like preseason 0.5 in November and 1.0 in January effectively,” further explained Meddler in a comment on a Reddit post discussing the news. “Trying to condense and then do really fast balance/meta follow-ups through both hot fixes and the next patch or two post-season start.”

In conclusion, it seems that despite there being a manpower shortage for some things in Riot, the company is planning to eventually roll out the planned changes in one big update sometime in the near future.

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