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Published: December 8, 2022

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  • A pre-order listing on the PlayStation Store reveals when SF6 is going to release
  • This date could change as Capcom has not yet officially announced a release date
  • Unfortunately, the game will miss a lot of the spring events like Evo Japan

Street Fighter 6 has been one of the most anticipated fighting games out there, and it seems a recent leak has confirmed when the game is finally arriving. 

SF6 Launch Date Leaked

Leaks from video game companies often come from inside sources and can provide tantalizing yet-to-be-released information about incoming products. However, sometimes the big companies themselves make mistakes and accidentally leak important information. Such is the case with Street Fighter 6 and its release date. 

Capcom originally said the game will come sometime in 2023, with fans speculating it may be released with the return of the Capcom Cup in February. However, it seems that according to a pre-order listing found on the PlayStation Store, players finally have a specific date for when SF6 will arrive. 

According to it, SF6 is set to launch on Tuesday, June 6, and will feature three different editions that players can grab. However, it cannot be proven 100% that that date will not change, as Capcom themselves have not yet confirmed nor denied anything.

What Does This Release Date Mean?

Although the release date is later than what many fans would have liked, it makes sense from Capcom’s point of view. This way the company will have more time to prepare, and FS6 will not interfere with the release of other games, namely the Resident Evil 4 remake, which is set to launch in spring. 

One of the many speculations made by fans is that SF6 will launch in spring in time for the return of Evo Japan. However, the event will be held from March 31 to April 2, deleting any hopes that SF6 would have been the main title at the event. Instead, Street Fighter V will be the likely main game during Evo Japan next year. 

On the bright side, if SF6 launches at the stated date by the PlayStation Store listing, it will still make it to other summer events like CEO and Evo 2023. Additionally, this event will give Capcom time to iron plans out for the Capcom Pro Tour’s first steps into SF6. It also means we will likely see the first DLC shown off at E3 and Summer Game Fest 2023 not long after launch.

However, fans have to wait patiently a bit more before Capcom confirms all these speculations. 

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