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Published: April 13, 2022

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  • Riot Games is capitalizing on the success of LoL by making an MMORPG
  • The game’s lead dev warns players not to hype too much as “there is no guarantee” the game will ship
  • Otherwise, the team is doing well and progressing in the development

The League of Legends MMO lead developer warns fans not to be too hyped for the game, as the studio will not release an unsatisfactory product.

Riot’s New MMO Set in Runeterra

Riot Games is one of the most successful game developers of all time. Over the past 15 years or so it has cemented itself as one of the largest entertainment companies of our generation, a success due in large part to its flagship project League of Legends. The last half a decade or so saw Riot expand massively into other forms of entertainment, like getting into the FPS genre with its popular battle royal VALORANT.

Despite its success in other games, Riot’s main focus still seems to remain in League of Legends. The game studio even transitioned to being a broader entertainment company by releasing its hit animated series Arcane last year. Arcane won nine categories at the latest Annie Awards, and Riot naturally wants to further capitalize on the success of the LoL brand.

This is why the company is investing in making a League of Legends MMORPG “No, you’re not dreaming, we’re working on an MMORPG based in the League universe!” wrote Riot in their official announcement. With over 150 champions and extensive lore, the world of Runeterra seems like a good backdrop for developing such a game.

However, behind all the hype, the MMO’s lead developer has asked fans to temper their expectations.

Will the Game Ever be Release?

“There is no guarantee this game will ship,” wrote one of the MMO project’s lead developers Greg Street in a recent post on Twitter. “We are optimistic, but you just never know until it does.”

Naturally, this post concerned fans, some of whom have been waiting for more information on the MMO since it was first promised by Riot founder Marc Merrill in late 2019.

Despite the somewhat concerning post by Street, it seems it’s more of a cautionary suggestion to fans rather than saying the game will never come. In another post, Street said that the team is working well, but he said Riot’s standards are high. “We won’t ship a disappointing game,” he wrote.

Street also reassured fans that development won’t stop after the game is released. MMOs usually have a lot of content being released at intervals after all. “Games like this are a commitment. The hard part starts after it ships. So I am imagining a long journey ahead,” Street explained.

Not much is known about the League of Legends MMO project, but it’s expected it will be released sometime in 2024.

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