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Published: August 22, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The team gets enough points after their victory at Gamers8 to displace Heroic from the top
  • Vitality’s persistence in the top few spots was thanks to their three titles from 2023
  • ENCE also climbs into the top three in the world rankings after the Gamers8 finals

European CS:GO team Vitality has recently undergone something like a Cinderella story, as the team returned to the top of the ranking after defeating ENCE at the Gamers8 finals.

Vitality Tops the Charts

Vitality used to be at the top of the competitive rankings in late Spring, but as it often happens to champions, the top place is not always so stable. After having a somewhat turbulent summer, the team fell down from the coveted spot, only to rise again to top up the charts.

This was done thanks to Vitality defeating ENCE 2-1 at the Gamers8 tournament in Ryad, Saudi Arabia, where the team also returned home with a handsome prize of $400 000. Vitality’s victory at the event also marked the third time this year that the majority French team lifted a trophy at a LAN event. Finally, the squad’s victory at Gamers8 landed them enough points to once again dethrone Heroic at the world ladder, with the latter team holding the coveted spot for the past two months.

Vitality’s rise to the top was not a short one. The team started their climb at the IEM Rio, where the Europeans took their first title since ESL Pro League S16. This triumph propelled the team to No.2 in the world rankings, setting them just after Heroic, a situation we saw recently. However, after a few weeks, Heroic’s performance dropped enough to let Vitality take the top spot, cementing it thanks to their victory in the BLAST Paris Major in early June.

Unfortunately, the French organization’s reign would last just a few weeks, as soon after the Paris triumph, Vitality announced the controversial decision to replace dupreeh with flameZ. This resulted in the team’s points dropping by 20% and the squad once again being left at the No.2 spot after Heroic. Things stayed this way until Vitality defeated ENCE at Gamers8, giving them enough points to once again top the world charts.

Speaking of ENCE, it should be noted that the team managed to get into the top three after the event in Ryad, despite the defeat. This is because the team has a streak of four consecutive grand finals this year at IEM Dallas, ESL Challenger Katowice, IEM Cologne, and most recently – Gamers8.

Of course, as more events are being planned with the eventual arrival of Counter-Strike 2, the world rankings will not stay the way they currently are for long.

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