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Published: September 4, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Leaked chat logs allegedly reveal the player inappropriately messaging several women
  • The LCK Investigation Committee has thus suspended the player for 12 months
  • Clid now has 14 days to appeal against the ban, or else the decision becomes final

Hanwha Life Esports’ jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min has been accused of engaging in inappropriate behavior online with several women, landing him a ban from playing competitive LoL.

Clid Is Banned for 12 Months

Unfortunately, sexual scandals are not unheard of in the world of professional esports, and the LCK has recently been shaken by one such event. Kim “Clid” Tae-min has been handed a 12-month ban he allegedly sent inappropriate messages of a sexual nature to several women, including a minor.

The investigation of this case started in June when a Twitter user by the name of Seoyeon posted several explicit DMs from Clid, as well as a selfie that the player sent her. Riot Games concluded that “there were no circumstances” to suggest that the women who complained about Clid encouraged his behavior, “but rather that there were multiple circumstances to suggest that they rejected them”. The company also claimed that conduct such as “making sexual comments to women who were underage is unacceptable under any circumstances”.

Based on this evidence, the LCK Investigation Committee, tasked with reviewing Clid’s alleged misdemeanor, has concluded that “the player’s behavior requires strict action due to his recognized status as a professional gamer who must lead by example”. Due to this, the regulatory body has decided to suspend the 24-year-old player from participation in the LCK and LCK CL for 12 months.

It should be noted that this ban will apply to any domestic or international League of Legends esports league, not just the ones being conducted in South Korea. What this means is that Clid is effectively suspended from all LoL activity for an entire year, which could prove catastrophic for his esports career.

Clid rose to stardom in 2019 with SK Telecom T1, helping his former team reach the semi-finals of both MSI and Worlds of that year. He repeated this with Gen.G, propelling the squad to the Worlds 2020 semi-finals. He then transferred a few times between other teams before joining HLE at the end of 2022.

However, his fall from grace started shortly after the messages became public in late June as he was removed from HLE’s starting lineup. Because of this, the 24-year-old player was unable to play alongside his teammates, who finished LCK Summer 2023 in fourth place and placed third in the LCK Regional Finals.

It should be noted that Clid has a 14-day period to appeal against the ban to the South Korean Esports Fairness Committee, and if he does not do so, the suspension handed down by the LCK will become final.

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