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Published: February 16, 2022

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  • The Spring Split’s Week 5 will have Gen.G and Liiv Sandbox at it after LSB lost with 1-2 to Gen.G last week
  • The upcoming bout is unlikely to result in a revanche for LSB who are still plagued by overall performance issues in the LCK Spring Split
  • We are going to possibly back Gen.G to win by correct score 2-0 with (1.50)

LCK Spring Split 2022 Week 5 will feature a game between Gen.G and Liiv Sandbox. Both teams will be looking to inch up the pecking order – and both face a tall order in the upcoming game on Friday, February 18.

Liiv Sandbox seems to have very slim chances of even making a dent against the #2 seed and Gen.G will look for another victory so it may try and catch up to T1 which remains undefeated in this edition of the competition.

Gen.G vs Liiv Sandbox Odds (February 18, 2022)

  • Gen.G: 1.11
  • Liiv Sandbox: 4.84

Gen.G vs LSB Date & Stream

  • Date: Friday, February 18
  • Time: 13:00
  • Watch: Twitch

Gen.G Betting Preview (Feb 18, 2022)

Gen.G have not had smooth sailing in this year’s edition of the LCK Spring Split. If anything, they still have some rough edges to take care of, but the good news is that they are as near-perfect as anyone hoping to compete in the Spring Split may be. Gen.G are posting 75% win rate and they have won six out of eight series and 12 out of 19 games.

However, last week they couldn’t take a single game against the current leaders from T1, which still shows that there is work to be done. For starters, the odds have Gen.G at winning in a clear fashion. At (1.11) there is not much doubt who the winner of the upcoming Friday game would be.

But the bigger question is if there is a value-added opportunity to enjoy here and whether esports bettors can look for it? Let’s find out.

LSB Betting Preview (Feb 18, 2022)

So, clearly if you want to get some betting value, Liiv Sandbox would be the selection you are after. However, betting on LSB to win the series outright will not be a smart use of your money. Unfortunately, Liiv are still plagued by many problems when it comes to their overall performance. The team has a 33% win rate this season and they have lost 14 out of 9 games.

In fact, they already lost to Gen.G last week with 1:2 and lost 0:2 to DK which has shown weaknesses in their overall pace of play. The best bet that can be placed on Liiv here seems to be correct score, although the margin is fairly small with 1.50. We would bet on Gen.G to beat LSB in this one with 2-1.

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