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Published: January 17, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Kt Rolster enters LCK 2024 with a selection of League of Legends stars
  • FearX is comprised of mostly up-and-coming players
  • Can the underdog upset the betting expectations?

The LCK has kicked off after an intense Day 1, and Day 2 promises to be just as action-packed, if somewhat one-sided at least on paper. FearX will be walking out against kt Rolster. After refreshing their roster at the end of 2023, Rolster is looking to establish itself in LCK Spring against the equally inexperienced FearX which also saw major shifts. Favored heavily in the odds, Rolster is the favorite, but is this indeed the case?

Kt Rolster vs FearX Betting Odds

kt Rolster1.19

*Odds taken from Cloudbet on January 17, 2024.

Where to Watch Team kt Rolster vs Fear X?

  • Watch: Twitch
  • Time: 4.30 am ET
  • Place: Online

Kt Rolster Betting Preview

Kt Rolster is a far more experienced team than their opponents and the odds seem to reflect this. Kt Rolster has won close to $1 million from professional League of Legends, whereas FearX is an upcoming outfit. More importantly, Rolster comes into the season with some heavyweights that will be playing for it. Both Pyosik and Bdd are seasoned LCK veterans who have earned their names in the competition.

The team’s addition of Deft and BeryL has formed a new superstar team that could be poised to upset the pecking order in LCK this year, starting with the game against FearX. Although the players have not had much time to play together, they are entering the fray with a lot of experience under their belt and the ability to learn quickly on their feet.

FearX Betting Preview

FearX are justly given the lower odds in this upcoming game, as the team consists of mostly new players who have not had that much time playing competitively. Their overall standing as individual players has been somewhat middling, and they have mostly finished 7th and 8th with their previous teams in the LCK.

This is not to say that there isn’t talent there, and the beginning of a LCK season is the time for big upsets. Execute was named Rookie of the Split in 2022, and he definitely has potential. However, to raise to the challenge that is kt Rolster, the entire FearX unit will have to play their best League of Legends game yet.


As this will be the first time the two teams meet, there is no historical data. There is however an unshakable feeling of premonition that kt Rolster will be walking away a winner from this exchange. If you feel that backing FearX out of sympathy for the underdog is worth it though, you could get great odds at Cloudbet at 4.75, which will yield a $4.75 profit for every $1 you bet. Still, the outcome is very unlikely.

Pick: kt Rolster to Win

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