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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • KitKat Chunky will advertise a healthier lifestyle to college esports players in Malaysia
  • The confectionery company is focusing on a campaign that encourages players to take the time to rest up
  • This is the first esports foray for KitKat in Malaysia, one of the world’s most vibrant markets 

Health is an increasing focus in esports as it provides net benefits for competitive play. KitKat Chunky is entering Malaysia’s college esports space bringing this message.

Take a Bite out of Chunky, But Rest Up First 

The chocolate snack bar and confectionary company KitKat Chunky has signed up as an official sponsor for the University e-League, a Malaysian esports organization focusing on nurturing esports competition on a collegiate level. 

The partnership will be this year’s main sponsor for the league, with KitKat focusing on the need to alternate intense gaming sessions with proper rest periods. The social media campaign will have in mind players’ well-being, which reflects a broader ambition in competitive video gaming to promote the activity as a healthy lifestyle, which arguably makes you a better gamer

Malaysia’s University E-League is one of the most ambitious collegiate organized structures outside of North America, reuniting the country’s universities and colleges in a fiery competition. The event is set in two stages, spanning the period between early July and mid-August.

Malaysia has taken a more ambitious approach to college esports, fielding players in some of the most challenging games and putting an emphasis on the MOBA genre. As a result, the league offers support for titles such as League of Legends: Wild RiftMobile Legends, and Dota 2

Rewards run to the tune of RM 20,000, or roughly $5,000, and institutions of higher learning are all welcome to try their hand at the prizes. The partnership marks a pivotal moment for KitKat Company which is driving its first forays into Malaysian esports, behind others that have already stepped in the space, including Red BullCoca-Cola, and KFC

Food Companies Are Focusing on Health and Performance 

Food and beverages companies have been all piling in on the esports industry, which is projected to reach $1.8 billion in net worth by 2022. There are already emerging trends as gamers looking to live healthier lives have been focusing on energy benefits, mental focus, eye health, satiety, and convenience, effectively changing strategies for big and established companies.

Producers such as Coca-Cola and KitKat are now pulling away from their sugary drink production and shifting their focus on healthier snacking choices. Earning consumer trust is important, and this means developing new energy formulas that are free of sugar and other damaging substances. 

Creating spotlight products is not easy, though, but some are already succeeding. G FUEL Energy Formula and Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel have been doing well on the market and advertising steadily to a gaming audience that seems to have been lapping them up.

A healthy drink is the best way to wash down a healthy bar of KitKat, assuming the company can deliver on those. 

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