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Published: June 14, 2021

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  • VALORANT character Killjoy has “taken control” over the game’s official Twitter page
  • Killjoy changed the social media’s name for a while and made several posts
  • Cynprel suggested the event may imply something about the missing Agent 8

Killjoy took over the official VALORANT Twitter accounts, which immediately fueled fan theories. 

Killjoy Overtakes VALORANT Twitter

Riot Games sure knows how to bring its characters to life. With the clever use of non-game content such as the K/DA performances and official clothing merchandise worn by the characters themselves, the company is experienced in making its fictional heroes believable and realistic. 

In recent events, the popular VALORANT character Killjoy decided to show off her tech-savviness by “hacking” the game’s Twitter pages across the globe. Her takeover got the official @PlayVALORANT page and the regional pages for France, Latin America, Spain, Russia, and Turkey. 

Killjoy quickly replaced the official information with her own data. The pages’ names were changed to hers, the profile picture was replaced, and the description was changed to the following:

“Tactics beat firepower. Don’t overthink it, that’s my job! My genius doesn’t stop in the lab!”

Killjoy made several posts on the Twitter accounts before Riot finally “took control back.” One of them included a selfie of her at a concert. Another once was Killjoy turning off an Alarmbot and the last one an animated music video of Killjoy chilling on a sidewalk with the caption “Keep it cool, Don’t. Interrupt. My work”.

In the game’s story, Killjoy is a brilliant young German woman who has an unmatched skill with technology. Therefore it fits for her to be the one “hacking” her own game’s official Twitter pages. 

A New Character Teaser Has Dropped

Needless to say, Killjoy’s stunt left many fans curious about what is being implied here. Cynprel, a community member who is dedicated to exploring the game’s lore, suggested that this all might be an implication for the mysterious missing Agent 8. Each character that’s been released in VALORANT is usually assigned a number. The number 8 was skipped, suggesting some secret is lurking around the hypothetical agent of that number. 

Coinciding with the Killjoy takeover, a new agent teaser was released that showed a robotic body and a helmet with a flashing visor. Cynprel immediately took a look at the video, and it seems to add up to the theory. According to the lore expert, it’s likely that Agent 8 will be a robot built by Killjoy to fight off the mirrored agents. 

The agent has been given the codename “Grenadier.” He has been teased on the Breeze map in the game, where it was implied that his playstyle would disable some of his opponents’ skills. 

We are yet to see where Riot will go with the game’s lore and what other secrets may be revealed. The game is set on a road to growth, especially with the announcement of VALORANT Mobile. Fans can expect more exciting news to come in the future. 

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