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Published: January 25, 2022

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  • Pllay Labs is officially the new betting partner of the Kansas City Pioneers
  • The two will make it possible for both professional esports athletes and casual gamers to monetize their playtime
  • The parties are happy to work together and believe their collaboration should be exemplary

Pllay Labs has officially become a betting partner of the esports franchise Kansas City Pioneers. The two will help players monetize their experience.

Helping Gamers to Make Their Playtime Worthwhile

The premier esports organization Kansas City Pioneers has signed a partnership with the AI-driven video game wager and data platform Pllay Labs. The deal will see the two parties collaborate in numerous ways and work to bring the worlds of esports and betting together.

Kansas City Pioneers and Pllay Labs will work together to create and deliver new esports betting tech, enhance the fan experience, and produce content that appeals to casual and professional gamers alike.

Furthermore, Pllay Labs will assist the Kansas City Pioneers in providing its players and fans with a way to monetize their playtime. This will be made possible through the operator’s state-of-the-art tech platform.

A Partnership Others Should Learn From

Shawn Gunn, the co-founder, and chief executive officer of Pllay Labs said that he is glad to work with the esports organization. He said that his company has a lot in common with the Kansas City Pioneers as both seek to innovate and build a robust and welcoming community. Gunn congratulated the esports organization on the way it challenges both what it means to be a professional gamer and the way in which professional organizations connect with their fans.

Gunn added that his company has always sought to make it possible for professional and casual gamers to monetize their playtime. Gunn firmly believes that this monetization is what will bring competitive video gaming to the next level.

Mark Josey, the chief executive officer of the Kansas City Pioneers spoke on the importance of the new partnership. He emphasized that as an esports organization, the Pioneers’ goal is to “build and create unique moments” for fans of esports. Josey is convinced that Pllay’s partnership will be a strong help to that end. He elaborated:

 “We know our community loves competition between our professional teams but also competitions between themselves. Pllay is a perfect fit for our Pioneers community, so look forward to our upcoming activations stemming across new gaming spaces.”

Josey called the deal “a first of its kind” and believes it should be exemplary to other esports organizations out there.

Thanks to their inherent similarities, online betting and esports have been growing increasingly close to one another. Although some still remain skeptical and are unsure whether the esports and betting industries should work together, many organizations have demonstrated the benefits of such collaborations.

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