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Published: February 18, 2022

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  • has released its iOS App for all esports fans to enjoy
  • Fans can get the application on their phones and stay tuned with the latest developments in esports
  • An Android app is set to release in the next few months has finally launched a mobile version of its critically-acclaimed gamer-oriented social network. Fans can get the app on iOS and will soon be able to get it on Android as well. Launched an iOS App, a gamer-oriented social network, is going mobile to please its fans. The application has already been released for iOS, which will be followed by an Android release in the next few months.

The company made sure to carefully test its iOS app before launching it. The tests began in October 2021, with the developers diligently making sure that everything works as intended. The Android version will still need to go through a period of testing before it becomes available to the public. 

Juked was created in 2019 and has since grown to be a beloved platform for many gamers. It allows fans of esports to get informed about what’s new in esports. The network features some of the most popular esports titles, such as VALORANT, CS:GO, Halo, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and League of Legends and many others.

The iOS version of Juked will come with a built-in esports calendar and embed Twitch and YouTube livestreams. Users can opt to receive notifications about their favorite esports titles and follow the developments in the sector.’s Core Philosophy

Juked also allows fans to connect with one another and share their opinions and experiences. According to Ben Goldhaber, Juked’s founder and chief executive, the platform’s goal is to provide fans with a “one-stop-shop” for esports.

He explained that at first he envisioned Juked as a viewing hub only but the fans demanded more options for community interaction and Juked was happy to oblige.

“It was frequently shared how the primary platforms where esports conversations were happening, such as Twitter, Reddit, and Twitch Chat, were not ideal for facilitating deeper esports-related discussions, not to mention how having multiple destinations without a dedicated focus made following the industry a chore.”

One of Juked’s core philosophies is promoting inclusivity in gaming. The network is dedicated to supporting minorities and marginalized groups, as well as to discouraging toxic behavior. Juked’s vision is to create a healthy gaming network where all fans of esports can feel appreciated.

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