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Published: August 13, 2021

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  • Indian gaming and entertainment company JetSynthesys has acquired esports brand Skyesports
  • The two parties will form Jet Skyesports Gaming 
  • The new body will work on growing the esports scene in India by supporting grassroots enthusiasts

Jet Skyesports Gaming is the new name that will bring Indian esports to a new level.

The Two Parties Will Look Towards a Shared Goal

Navani family-owned Indian world-class digital products, platforms, and services provider JetSynthesys has taken hold of leading esports and gaming venture Skyesports in a newly-signed deal. The two parties will continue working as Jet Skyesports Gaming, with JetSynthesys possessing 65% of the stakes and Skyesports the other 35%. 

The two parties refrained from publicly announcing the monetary details of their deal. 

The newly formed body, Jet Skyesports Gaming, will work to popularize esports in India and to encourage new players. The goal of Jet Skyesports is to raise more talent to represent the country in upcoming competitive video game events, such as the Asian Games 2022, which, much like the SEA Games 2021, will include professional gaming as a medal sport. 

Skyesports’ employees will remain the same. The esports organization is expected to grow its local market following the formation of Jet Skyesports. Skyesports also envisions expanding beyond India into other South Asian countries. 

Skyesports has vast experience in hosting esports events that will be an invaluable asset to the activities of Jet Skyesports Gaming. The former body has organized numerous tournaments and boasts over 100 million views across all streaming platforms. 

Growing the Local Esports Scene

The founder of Skyesports, Shiva Nandy, spoke on the importance of gaming to contemporary entertainment. Nandy said that Jet Skyesports Gaming would look to capitalize on esports’ popularity, create more IPs and organize an array of regional esports content for various locales in India. 

“Next year is a year of reckoning for esports globally,” JetSynthesis’ vice-chairman, Rajan Navani, boldly said. 

By that, he envisions the acceptance of esports as medal sports by Asian Games 2022. As the aforementioned event is highly reputable, the inclusion of esports will further boost the industry’s popularity.

Navani firmly believes in the prospects of creating a strong esports ecosystem in India. He is excited to help nurture the local talent, which, he believes, holds immense potential. By his activities as a part of Jet Skyesports Gaming, Navani will seek to empower grassroots-level esports enthusiasts and help them grow into proper professional athletes who can represent India both in Asia and in the whole world. 

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