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Published: October 5, 2021

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  • Jeff Bezos is thrilled to see New World’s great success
  • The entrepreneur is glad to finally prove Bloomberg wrong and have Amazon make a successful gaming title
  • New World has been so popular that Amazon has to now work on adding more servers

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, is delighted by New World’s successful release and hopes to maintain New World as a leading MMORPG title.  

Jeff Bezos Comments on New World’s Release

Jeff Bezos, the founder and executive chairman of the global e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence conglomerate Amazon, is proud of how the company’s new MMORPG game New World is rising above the regardless of the obstacles.

Although it’s been out for just a few days, New World is already proving to be a great commercial success. Thanks to that, Jeff Bezos himself has spoken on the game’s state and future. He pointed out a CNBC article that defines New World as a “smash hit”.

 “After many failures and setbacks in gaming, we have a success,” Bezos said in a statement on October 1, “So proud of the team for the persistence. View setbacks as helpful obstacles that drive learning. Whatever your goals are, don’t give up no matter how hard it gets.”

Just a few months ago Bloomberg criticized Amazon’s games, believing that the company will never amount to anything in the gaming world. However now Bloomberg has been proven wrong as New World is here to stay.

Interest in the Game so High it Leads to Long Queues

The game’s launch has seen hundreds of thousands of players flood the servers. New World continues to maintain these numbers days after release, with a peak of 900,000 concurrent players and an average of 600,000. Even now, SteamCharts reveals that 430,000 are currently playing.

These numbers are high enough to rival some of Steam’s usual top guns. New World currently places among the five most played games along with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Apex Legends.

In fact, the interest in New World is so high that many players are having a hard time getting in-game because of the server capacity. Some people have to wait in queues for a significant time before getting to play.

Seeing New World’s resounding success, Amazon is focused on keeping the momentum New World currently has. The high interest should be maintained and that’s why Amazon is currently tackling the problem by working on more servers in order to accommodate more people. The company is planning to add features that kick players after a while of inactivity. Additionally, New World will soon have a server transfer solution for people who wish to leave the busiest of servers.

Just like CNBC described it, New World is a smash hit that promises to become the title of choice to many MMORPG fans. Now the only thing Amazon has to do is maintain this interest through steady updates and bug fixes.

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