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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The player feels well and is currently undergoing rehabilitation
  • Infected players may still compete at the Worlds from a separate isolation studio
  • It’s unclear if Yagao will participate in JD’s upcoming matches

Covid-19 once again returns to make it difficult for teams and tournament organizers as yet another Worlds 2022 participant tests positive for the virus.

Yagao Test Positive for Covid

The last couple of years have seen Covid-19 interfere with so many esports events and tournaments. Some were canceled, and others were relegated to online play only. Two years after the initial stages of the pandemic, the virus still finds ways to annoy players and fans. Even a giant event such as the League of Legends World Championship 2022 is not spared from the effects of Covid-19. 

The most recent case of Covid-19 is that of JD Gaming’s mid laner Zeng “Yagao” Qi who has tested positive for the virus ahead of the knockout stage. He becomes yet another case of Covid-19 at the Worlds 2022, but at least Yagao feels fine, according to JD’s Twitter post, and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. “Thank you for all your concerns and continued support. We will do all that is possible to guarantee the health of our players and team staff,” the organization wrote. 

Will Yagao Be Able to Continue Playing?

Although Yagao and many other players have tested positive for Covid-19, they are still able to participate if they feel well enough. However, this comes with a few caveats and restrictions. Riot Games have implemented several protocols for such situations that dictate the player must be isolated from his team members and support staff during the event. But they may still participate in the upcoming matches by playing online from a separate room. 

This method has worked well so far even when multiple members of a team have contracted the virus, like several Gen.G players who recently tested positive for Covid-19. However, at the time of writing of this article, it’s still unclear if Yagao feels well enough to participate in JD’s upcoming matches. 

A good thing about the whole situation is that the quarterfinals are taking place in the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York, meaning the team won’t be required to travel. However, things will become more complicated if JD continues to the semifinals, which are going to be played at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. If Yagao feels well enough to play, it would be more difficult for JD to travel with an infected player. 

But all of this will be irrelevant if JD does not continue forward. The team is going to face Rogue on October 20 at 4 pm CT. 

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