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Published: August 11, 2022

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  • The Frenchman and the team part ways after almost four years together
  • He leaves a significant legacy behind himself
  • Rumors say now-former teammate Aleksib might also be leaving soon

Audric “JACKZ” Jug ends his almost four-year-long career in G2’s CS:GO team.

JACKZ Leaves G2

Esports players often stay in an organization for a season or two, but often they may spend years on the same team. Such is the case with G2’s JACKZ, the longest-standing player on the organization’s CS:GO roster. However, after spending almost four years on the team, G2 announced that he is leaving the organization.

This follows weeks of speculations that said the player might be leaving G2 after the tournament break ends. The reasons for this seem to be G2’s poor performance last season. Although the team has managed several notable grand final appearances with him, they have been unable to break through the final barrier and take home a big event title. Not even the addition of Finnish player Aleksi “?Aleksib?” Virolainen and his Russian colleague Ilya “?m0NESY?” Osipov managed to seal the deal for G2.

The Frenchman Leaves a Significant Legacy

JACKZ departing from G2 sent shockwaves across both the team and the fanbase. With his long career in the team, the Frenchman leaves a significant legacy. Many of his followers expressed their sadness that the popular player is leaving G2 after so many tears.

JACKZ, who joined the team in November 2018, will be remembered by his fellow players as a selfless player whose personality plays a large part in contributing to a positive team atmosphere. During his time in G2, JACKZ was of paramount importance to the organization’s strategies and barring his short period of being briefly benched in 2021, the 30-year-old was a core part of the team’s successes.

Current rumors say the player might soon join a new all-French team. Other rumors say that JACKZ’s now-former teammate, Finn Aleksib, might also be leaving the team. This is because, similarly to JACKZ, Aleksib was also allowed to explore new options.

Now that the longtime member is leaving, G2 is going to have to find a suitable replacement. Some reports suggest that will be jks, however, G2 has not yet announced anything officially.

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