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Published: October 16, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Recent leaks suggest that 343 Industries is working on a big Halo project
  • “They do have a team working on the next Halo campaign,” said editor-in-chief of Seasoned Gaming
  • Any potential big project will likely not be seen for at least a couple of years

As the hype for Halo Infinite’s Season 5 is growing, some fans believe the studio might be working on a big DLC project or even an entirely new mainline game.

343 Is Making Something

Halo Infinite is almost two years old, and what years have they been. It’s safe to say that the 323 Industries title has had a bumpy ride to get to the point where it is now. The game’s initial reception was not great as it missed critical fan-favorite features from the older games, such as Forge, Co-op, and a big enough variety in cosmetics.

Over many months, 343 Industries has tried hard to work on Infinite’s problems, adding most of the features that the community has been demanding. Considering the hype for the newest Halo Season 5: Reckoning is growing, it seems the devs have achieved something good.

However, as some fans are preparing for the arrival of the new season on October 17, others are seemingly turning their attention to what comes next. Many are hoping that 343 is working on new campaign DLC content but according to some rumors, the company might already be laying the foundations of an entirely new mainline Halo game.

Sources of TweakTown have apparently told Ains, the editor-in-chief of Seasoned Gaming, that 343 Industries has begun mapping out the concepts for the next Halo campaign. “Do I have any info on the Halo campaign? The short answer is nothing specific. What I can say, what I know anyway, is that yes, they do have a team working on the next Halo campaign,” said Ains on the SG Bitcast 269 podcast recently. “It is part of the restructure that is building the next generation of Halo on Unreal.”

Although the prospect of an entirely new Halo game seems interesting, one must take the information with a grain of salt. The project Ains is referring to could just be a DLC campaign for Infinite instead. Certain doubts remain if the studio would be able to make another full Halo game soon, considering 343i was badly hit by Microsoft’s layoffs earlier in the year and is now probably lacking in staff.

Regardless of what the company is working on currently, we will likely not see it for some time. “I don’t know–if I’m a betting man, I think I told a friend the other day that the earliest I would expect to see another Halo singleplayer campaign outside of Firefight and stuff they’re doing in Infinite, is a couple years,” further explained Ains. “It’s going to be a while so don’t hold your breath.”

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