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Published: February 25, 2021

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  • allows players, teams, coaches and esports fans to study their game frame-by-frame and provide a meaningful technical breakdown
  • The platform makes setting up reviews of individual games quick and easy, empowering aspiring professionals and established teams
  • Free accounts will get 10 hours of free footage analysis to test around before opting in or out for the full service

The long-awaited footage analyst platform has launched, offering aspiring esports players and professional teams a deep dive into their play.

Esports Footage Analyst Platform Launches Officially is the latest tech-driven platform tailored to the needs of the growing competitive gaming community. Operating out of Vancouver, Insights is a dedicated analyst solution that allows players to dive deep in recorded game footage and break down individual moments.

Coaches, teams, and esports professionals can then analyze the footage, share and comment on the platform, allowing for organizations to have quick and flexible ways of identifying mistakes and looking into room for improvement. 

Coming out of a successful beta, the website managed to pique interest with over 30,000 users who are self-styled or aspiring professionals, along with some more serious teams. will continue its fast pace of development, introducing additional user interface and user experience improvements. 

Users who register for free will have a 10-hour credit of game recording to analyze, with more to come in exchange for a fixed fee. Commenting on the full launch, CEO Kevin Ho said that the solution was originally intended as a professional tool used by competitive outfits.

However, as development continued and interest among aspiring professionals surged, the team realized that other applications are equally viable. He further explained that players need to jump through many hoops to get to the actual content to analyze these days and put down notes in a separate document, whereas it can all be brought together in one platform solution. 

Insight Makes Setting up a Review a Breeze 

Ho explained that the lack of platforms that allow coaches and professional players to get all the information in one place has been holding organizations back. In fact, there were none before, and now the company offers players a way to carefully study and delve into frame-by-frame footage.

The chief executive added that previously, analyzing replays and recordings was a tedious process that required a lot of time to set up, but thanks to Insights, this can now change. To facilitate the journey from recording to analyzing games, Insight added a recording feature late last year, the Insight Capture, which allows the software to capture footage and feed it directly into the platform. 

With heading for a great start, the platform has already amassed over $1 million in funding, and professional teams are showing strong interest in further developments.  

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