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Published: June 9, 2022

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  • Infinity Ward revealed more tidbits about the remake of MW2
  • The game’s multiplayer will include swimming mechanics as important parts of it
  • The devs also revealed some new devices that will be available to players

CoD: Modern Warfare II is one of the most anticipated games of this year, and developers have recently revealed riveting information about the game’s multiplayer.

Infinity Ward Teases Interesting Things

Fans have been treated to a lot of new information regarding Infinity Ward’s remake of the most popular Call of Duty title. On Wednesday, the studio released fascinating details about Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer. Unfortunately, fans have not yet received the gameplay footage they have been eagerly awaiting.

Nevertheless, Infinity Ward released tidbits of information, presented by multiplayer design directors Joe Cecot and Geoffrey Smith, who went on stage to talk about the game’s multiplayer. Although there isn’t much information on it yet, the devs still talked about some of the ideas that go into the design of an online FPS like MWII and the problems that arrive with it.

“Developer Infinity Ward has left no stone unturned to create a new heart-pounding experience for players,” wrote Infinity Ward in the official announcement. “Task Force 141’s next global Campaign. Immersive, world-class Multiplayer. An evolved Special Ops experience. All carefully crafted with gameplay and technical innovations that will introduce fans to the new era of Call of Duty.”

What Can Players Expect?

Cecot talked at length about the new swimming mechanics that will be a crucial part of MWII’s multiplayer experience. This includes using knives and guns underwater, using boats and amphibious vehicles, and catering water for “escape and evasion”. There will also be a new dive mechanic that will aid in traversal and maneuvering.

The design director also explained that new equipment has been created that will work well with the new mechanics. This includes a proximity mine that deploys floaties and becomes a landmine for boats. “We’re trying to make sure water is a fun place to go play, not a sand trap,” Cecot said.

MWII devs also seem to focus more on the tactical side of things, in a way similar to Rainbow Six: Siege. The game will include a “Tactical Camera Field Upgrade” that can be placed on walls, much like R6’s placeable cameras. These cameras can be manned and controlled by players, who can mark enemies, but unlike R6’s cameras, MWII ones will also beep when not manned and an enemy is nearby.

Another similarity with R6’s more tactical gameplay is the “Drill Charge”. It will attach to walls, drill a hole, and then shoot a grenade through on the other side, similarly to what R6 operator Fuze’s gadget does. This would be a great tool to flush out enemies hiding behind a wall or in a building.

MWII’s multiplayer will also have the “DDoS Field Upgrade”. When equipped, the device shows nearby electronic devices on your HUD and allows you to trigger it and destroy enemy items within a radius, effectively working like a ranged EMP weapon.

Finally, there’s the Inflatable Decoy mine. It’s a new Field Upgrade that will deploy a soldier-like kevlar dummy “like a car airbag”. It would do that only when an enemy gets nearby, distracting them.

Although fans were not treated to actual gameplay footage, Infinity Ward has been continually teasing fans with various tidbits of info and trailers, one of which even includes TimTheTatman, the popular streamer. Since MWII’s multiplayer will go live on October 28, we still have many months to see what Infinity Ward will tease next.

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