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Published: June 4, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • NFTs will now be part of the WePlay ecosystem with the company planning a launch on the Binance NFT marketplace
  • The “WePlay Collectibles” will feature several token types that will focus on various WePlay assets to boost fan engagement
  • WePlay is confident that esports’ ability to adapt to new trends is what will make the NFTs a worthwhile addition to its offer

WePlay is the latest esports company to seek out NFTs as a way to boost engagement with fans and add more value for its fans.

Binance NFT’s Marketplace to Feature WePlay’s Tokens

Esports media company WePlay Esports has become famous for a string of successful Dota 2 events. Yet, the company’s momentum in the video gaming vertical seems without end as WePlay is now expanding into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The company is releasing its own NFTs on the Binance NFT marketplace which WePlay is calling the “WePlay Collectibles,” or just c0ll3ct1bl3s for a bit of a gaming vibe to it. WePlay will auction these digital assets as part of its “100 creators” campaign when the marketplace opens doors later this month.

WePlay’s Collectibles will feature various memorabilia and tournament paraphernalia, reminding fans of the high-quality production value that has gone down into each of WePlay’s previous events. Presently, the company intends to feature several options including “a Trophy, Story and Logo” tokens.

There are some further options if you go with Logo and Trophy tokens, too, as they will come in Common, Rare, and Ultimate iterations. Establishing an NFT ecosystem in esports is an interesting topic, and WePlay intends to get it right, but those are exciting times for esports.

Disrupting the Status Quo and Adapting New Trends

WePlay Esports Managing Director Yura Lazebnikov elaborated on what it meant for the company to be driving its first forays into the NFT space.

“We recognize NFTs as a cutting-edge way to bring the esports community together while providing a new level of interaction that is unique and valuable,” Lazebnikov said. He argued that esports is successful not just because it draws a fair bit of viewership or gamers love to try esports titles themselves, but also because it’s adaptable and resonates with existing digital trends, alluding to NFTs.

Ultimately, he believes that WePlay Collectibles are a fun way for fans to connect with the tournaments and organization, and bringing communities together is what esports stand for in the first place.

Equally excited at the partnership, Binance Head of NFT Helen Hai said that the marketplace will be a disruptive and useful innovation for the industry, underpinned by the company’s own technological solutions.

Collaborations between esports teams and crypto companies aren’t new. Previously, crypto exchange Gemini partnered with esports powerhouse Gen.G. BLAST Premier and Coinbase signed a partnership in April to popularize cryptocurrencies in esports.

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