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Published: June 21, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • We Are Nations was announced as the second brand to participate in the Esports Fashion Week
  • The popular merchandise producer will present its collections and will have two sears on the Fashion Council
  • We Are Nations’ popularity will likely boost the event’s performance

Esports Fashion Group is excited to have We Are Nations join the Esports Fashion Week. 

Esports Fashion Week Welcomes We Are Nations

The largest esportswear production company, We Are Nations, will be participating in the first edition of the upcoming Esports Fashion Week. The latter event will take place later this year and will be the first of its kind convention for esports clothing merchandise. 

Esports Fashion Week is organized by the relatively new Esports Fashion Group. Their goal is to turn the event into a platform where all kinds of brands that target the esports demographic can present their collections. In a way, Esports Fashion Group wants to create a universal hub for clothing marketed towards competitive gamers. 

Esports Fashion Group’s co-founder Warren Fish commented that he is delighted to work with We Are Nations. He pointed out their impressive history in creating apparel for gamers. Fish believes that We Are Nations shares the same vision for progressing the esports fashion subculture as Esports Fashion Group. 

“Over the years, they have allowed a plethora of the most prominent esports teams in the world to have their own footing in apparel, and they have been a driving force in the manufacturing and distribution of esports merchandising,” Fish added. 

We Are Nations Occupies Two Council Seats

We Are Nations is be the second brand that announced it will be participating in the event, the other being influencer clothing brand H4X. We Are Nations will take two seats on the Esports Fashion Council. 

The company’s CEO, Alex Romer, is looking forward to the event and how it will affect gamer apparel as a whole.

 “The establishment of Esports Fashion Week will bring together many positive yet different views and interests regarding esports and its role within the fashion industry. Esports fashion has the potential to become one of the future leaders in the cultural stakes,” Romer said. 

We Are Nations boasts five years of selling merchandise on the market. Its products are oriented towards both casual and competitive gamers. The company’s renown has led it to become the partner of several of the most influential esports organizations like Astralis, ENCE, EXCEL, G2 Esports, and Virtus. pro. 

We Are Nations’ popularity and influence will surely turn heads towards Esports Fashion Week. It will help popularize the event, which, in turn, will propagate esportswear. Gaming apparel as a whole has additionally affirmed esports as a subculture and helps people show their love for competitive gaming. 

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