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Published: March 31, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

In an attempt to improve its global success, Versus Programming Network has bought talent agency Famulei with the intent of utilizing its skills with entertainment for expanding globally.

VSPN’s Ambitions and the Agreement with Famulei

Versus Programming Network has procured ownership of talent agency Famulei. VSPN is an esports event organizer in Asia that is based in Shanghai. It is supported by the strong arms of the esports giant Tencent. Recently VSPN has been on a roll when expanding and strengthening its own influence.

Just two months ago, the event organizer acquired Banana Gaming & Media, which billionaire Wang Jianlin’s son formed. Moreover, in January, VSPN levied $60 million to improve its esports inventory and produce new and better sports-related merchandise and other products.

VSPN continues on its road to expanding globally and pursuing success with acquiring the Chinese livestream talent agency Famulei. The latter excels in esports, livestreams, talent management and all kinds of online entertainment as a whole. It has some notable partners outside of Asia, such as Team Liquid, Gen.G, T1 and Faker.

VSPN has disclosed it intends to make the most out of Famulei’s varied capabilities and to monetize on its skills with all sorts of influencers and content creators. Famulei will now operate as an independent brand but will still be under VSPN’s watch and guidance.

For now the two parties have refused to disclose the monetary details of the acquisition so we don’t know what sum Famulei was bought for.

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