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Published: July 2, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Hearthstone will be receiving a new expansion on August 3
  • It will be called United in Stormwind and will be focused on Warcraft’s Alliance
  • The expansion will bring 135 new cards and three major new mechanics

United in Stormwind is Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion that will introduce several game-changing mechanics and a myriad of new cards.

United in Stormwind Brings Players to the Capital of the Alliance

Blizzard announced the newest expansion for their card game Hearthstone. It will be called “United in Stormwind” and will be themed after the Warcraft universe Alliance

Just as the previous expansion “Forged in the Barrens” was focused on Warcraft’s other major faction – the Horde and its homeland of Kalimdor, this one will be inspired by the Eastern Kingdoms and, more specifically, Stormwind, the capital of the Alliance. Therefore fans can expect a plethora of Alliance-themed cards and artwork. 

United in Stormwind will include a brand new batch of 135 cards that will represent the Alliance faction and its heroes and citizens. 

United in Stormwind will release on August 3 and will change the game in several major ways.

Hearthstone’s Upcoming New Mechanics

Moreover, the expansion will bring some new card mechanics to the popular card game. One of them is “Tradeable” cards: such a card can be returned back to the deck for the cost of one mana point, and in return, the player who “traded” can draw another card in its place. This will be highly convenient and will allow for new and exciting strategies. 

Tradeable cards will surely impact the game and will have both professional and casual players readapt to make the best use of the new mechanic. 

One more game-changing mechanic will be making its way to the game: Questline cards. Questline cards will be dealt with players at the beginning of a Hearthstone game, and they will serve as in-game objectives. Completing objectives will earn players rewards, and when someone completes all of them, they will receive a strong Legendary “Mercenary” minion. 

That isn’t all, as a third new concept will be added in the form of mount spells. Mount spells will buff a minion and will persist on the field as a separate mount minion even after their “rider” has perished. 

The expansion will be game-changing and will have players readapt in all kinds of ways. It will be interesting how the tradeable, questlines, and mounts will affect the game’s flow. 

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