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Published: April 9, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • Unibet Filip Kristersson has shed light on the importance and growth of esports betting
  • He is convinced that within three years, esports betting will be one of the most important segments for operators
  • Sports simulators have been the biggest winners during the pandemic, says Kristersson 

Unibet has seen an increase in esports betting operations following the pandemic, and the company predicts further growth and importance of competitive video gaming for betting companies.

Unibet Sheds Light on Esports Performance 

Abios esports continues to offer support to sportsbooks, courtesy of its esports API that allows the company to provide operators with quick and reliable data in real-time. One of the sportsbooks to have benefited from the company’s powerful data-driven offer is Unibet

In a conversation with Abios, Unibet product manager for esports, Filip Kristersson discussed the current market realities and state of business in the betting industry. It all seems to be moving in the right direction, with Kristersson predicting a tremendous growth in the segment, enough in fact to make esports one of the most significant verticals for most sportsbooks within three years.

The popularity of games such as Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveLeague of Legends, and Dota 2 has driven demand, Kristersson explained, citing Unibet data. As to alternative markets, he offered cautious optimism about high-tier games, such as Call of DutyValorant, and Rainbow Six: Siege, but cautioned that these titles are nowhere near as popular.

They may become so, though. If there has been one clear winner from recent events, referring to the pandemic, that has been sports simulators. “ESoccer” has seen a good bit of interest going its way, Kristersson explained in discussion with Abios. 

The Growth of Sports Simulators 

The reason behind it is simple enough. Soccer is a familiar game that appeals to mainstream sports bettors who have made a temporary shift to FIFA during the pandemic, Kristersson explains. 

He further noted that the pandemic drove interest in esports in general, and Unibet saw many of its competitors and suppliers also post stronger operational results in the segment despite global shutdowns and the suspension of the biggest LAN events and live audiences in particular, referring to The International, ESL Katowice, and others. 

Last month, we spoke with Abios, who provide a comprehensive esports data product that helps operators and consumers make better-informed choices. You can read the full conversation with Abios Head of Sales Niclas Sundell here. Sundell also commented on the collaboration with Unibet, adding:

“The esports market is growing and so does our partnerships with companies wanting to be in the forefront of the development. Being partners for two years now, we help Unibet provide additional value for their users through data visualisation and value stats. Unibet is one of the leading providers of esports betting and we are proud to continue growing their esports offering together”

Abios has played an important role in helping Unibet reach its full esports potential and establish compliant markets for competitive video gaming in Sweden and beyond.

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