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Published: April 9, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • Esports Engine will be U.S. Soccer’s official production provider for the eNational Team Closed Finals
  • The climactic event kicks off today, April 9
  • The two companies believe this is a step in connecting sports and esports 

U.S. Soccer has chosen Esports Engine to be the official production provider of the eNational Team Closed Finals. This will make it the first time Esports Engine has collaborated with a sports federation. 

The Two Parties’ Shared Interest

U.S. Soccer and Esports Engine have begun collaboration, the former announced. The sports federation has chosen the esports operation company as the official production provider for the eNational Team Closed Finals

Esports Engine has been recently expanding. It added some experienced employees to its U.K. operation staff, like Martin Wyatt and Paul Kent, who’ve previously worked for Gfinity. In Esports Engine, the two of them will take the roles of Head of U.K. program operations and Head of U.K. production operations, respectively. 

With Esports’ Engine willingness to grow, it’s not so strange that the company has been looking to break grounds in new markets. The collaboration with U.S. Soccer will mark the first time Esports Engine will be partnering with a sports federation. 

U.S. Soccer, on the other hand, is no stranger to esports. The federation has been involved since 2019 when it conducted a search for eNational team representatives, and the victors took part in the FIFA eNations Cup

A Collaboration to Grow Love for Soccer

Co-Founder and President of Esports Engine Adam Apicella elaborated on the topic. He confirmed that collaborations like this one and events like the U.S. Soccer eNational Team Finals will likely become a more common occurrence as the line between sports and esports blurs. Apicella believes that the most important thing in such events is to engage fans and grow the love of the sport. 

U.S. Soccer Chief Commercial Officer David Wright commented on his federation’s point of view. Wright confirmed U.S. Soccer is excited to “open a pathway for the eNational Team for the broader community of players and fans across the United States while also recognizing the commitment and success by those at the top of the FIFA Global Series rankings”. 

The CCO is confident that interest in esports will also nurture a love for sports as a whole. Wright is looking forward to the nearing competition where the two eNational Team representatives will be chosen.

The eNational Team Closed Finals event will start on April 9 and will be the culmination of a long competitive series. One of the largest prizes at stake is exactly the honor of advancing in the FIFA eNations Online Qualifier 2021

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