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Published: May 18, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Twitch will be lowering its subscription prices for several regions with lower life standard
  • Turkey and Mexico will be among the first to receive the “Local Subs Pricing”, followed by others
  • The new subscription costs haven’t been revealed yet

In order to satisfy the needs of its global community, the streaming platform Twitch will be adjusting its prices to better suit some regions.

Twitch Supports Fans in Poorer Regions with Local Subs Pricing

A quick look at the Twitch statistics reveals that not all regions are equal. The global streaming platform is most popular in North America but in Europe has less than half of the NA subscription count. The disparity becomes even more drastic as we take Latin America in consideration, where that number is 80% lower than in NA.

Twitch has always been oriented toward having an inclusive, healthy, and global audience. It realized the need to change something and has decided to introduce Local Subs Pricing. That means subscription prices will vary according to each region’s standards.

The ones to pioneer those changes will be Turkey and Mexico where Local Subs Prices will drop on May 20. After them, Twitch will slowly introduce local prices for Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Latin America.

The adjusted costs of the subscription haven’t been officially announced yet.

Twitch Hopes to Encourage Content Creators to Reach Out Globally

With the subscription prices adjusted to best suit respective regions, interest in Twitch is expected to rise. The platform hopes that more people will be encouraged to support their favorite streamers.

However as the subscription prices will vary, so will streamer’s revenues. Yet, Twitch has thought about that as well and will be introducing an incentive program in order to make reaching global audience more appealing. The incentive program will affect every streamer whose revenues from countries with local prices exceed 20% of their total revenues.

The streaming platform has said that the incentive program will be a temporary thing that will slowly decline. It’s still uncertain what Twitch plans next.

Twitch has established itself as the undisputed leader of the streaming market. The platform recently scored yet another viewership record and secured a major sponsorship for Twitch Rivals. Now Twitch is looking to expanding its popularity even further. The local prices are surely a kind change that will be welcomed by gamers in struggling regions. It’s also a good thing to inspire creators to stream globally.

Still, the Local Subs Prices may introduce other problems: like people trying to exploit VPN to get lower prices and streamers receiving less revenue. One may argue that the potential increase in subscribers can hypothetically get streamers more money but we are yet to see how it will work. It is certain that the balance will change at least a bit and streamers will have to adjust accordingly.

However, Twitch being the streaming giant it is, we can count on them to find a way to balance things out, once the changes roll up.

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