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Published: May 12, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • The streaming service Twitch has surpassed its own record by racking up 2.1 billion hours watched for April
  • The Just Chatting category and GTA V made for a large part of that
  • The streamer xQc remains on Twitch’s top

Twitch proves itself once again as the leading game streaming platform as it amounted to 2.1 billion hours watched for the previous month.

An Undisputed Streaming Giant

Twitch has once more re-established itself as the leading streaming platform for gaming. According to StreamElement’s analytic partner, Twitch has scored 2.1 billion hours watched just in April.

This only serves to show how big the platform has become. A huge chunk of those hours viewed is thanks to the Just Chatting category and the unexpected rise of Grand Theft Auto V. Just Chatting made for 283 million of the hours watched, with GTA following closely with 236 million.

GTA V’s case has been curious as the game is almost a decade old already. Yet, its viewership has increased by 30% in April as the game surpassed League of Legends, one of the most famous competitive games of all time.

GTA V and its surrounding roleplaying community have also been what paved the way for the streamer juansguarnizo’s growth to rising among the top 10 most viewed channels in April.

Following Just Chatting, GTA V, and League of Legends is Call of Duty: Warzone. Together with Dota 2, which is currently in ninth place, Warzone has experienced a rise in popularity. On the contrary, FortniteCounter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Apex Legends seem to be on the decline, despite remaining in the fifth, eighth, and tenth place, respectively.

Streamers Bring Solid Interest to the Platform

In terms of streamers, Félix “xQc” Lengyel remains on the top. The amounts for over 30 million out of the 2.1 billion hours watched in April. The few streamers that come anywhere close to him are LudwigGaules, summit1gRanbooLive, and NICKMERCS.

Twitch’s sports category has also been on the rise, reaching 10 million hours viewed in April. Despite sounding humble, the number is probably going to continue increasing as Twitch’s Sports Accelerator Program and the soon-to-come Olympic content will drive it even further.

Twitch has long cemented itself as the current king of streaming platforms. In comparison to its 2.1 billion hours for April, Facebook Gaming has scored a much less grandiose 360,000 million.

The company is continuing to grow and expand by finding new partners and supporting all kinds of initiatives. Recently Twitch’s Rivals series welcomed State Farm as their official marketing partner. The platform also supported Chichester University’s aim to provide esports-loving students with a scholarship.

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