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Published: July 28, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet produced a report outlining video game streaming developments in Q2, 2021
  • Twitch remained the dominant force in the space as the company continued to see an increase in viewership and hours streamed
  • Overall, the cumulative streaming hours for all platforms in the report went up quarter-over-quarter 

Streaming demand has been steadily growing, with Twitch still pulling in the bulk of viewers and streamers. 

Twitch Stays at Helm of Video Game Streaming World 

With video gaming streaming skyrocketing in terms of popularity, interest, and demand, Facebook GamingTwitch, and YouTube Gaming have been able to continue on their upward trajectory. In a recent report outlining the performance of all three platforms, Twitch once again led the pack in terms of hours watched and streamed, as the Amazon-owned giant established itself as the dominant force for live video content. 

Quarter over quarter, numbers in Q2 2021 for streaming giants went up to 8.99 billion in terms of hours based on a report by Stream Hatchet collaborated by Streamlabs data. According to the findings of the report, users spent around three billion hours every month watching live content as it was streamed directly.

Twitch naturally was able to bite the lion’s share out of the total hours’ distribution with 72.4% of all hours generated by the Amazon company. Next came YouTube Gaming Live with 14.4%, with Facebook Gaming closing in quickly with another 13.2%. Not all was good news as YouTube Gaming’s number of hours decreased to 8.92 million in Q2 2021. 

Grand Theft Auto V Steals the Streaming Thunder 

Concurrent viewers on YouTube Gaming also fell by 5.5% over the period. Facebook Gaming, though, was able to continue building upon its Q1 strength and progress into more promising territories. In the second quarter, Facebook Gaming managed to post 1.1 billion hours watched, pointing to a good steady trend that remained unchanged from the previous quarter. 

Facebook Gaming also reported better concurrent viewership, but the number of unique channels was cut in almost half, with the 1.5 million reported in Q1 dropping to just 840,000 in Q2. While the platforms posted different numbers, they seemed to have the same frontrunner title, with Grand Theft Auto V ramping up the numbers watched in the quarter from 754 million in Q1 to 822 million in Q2. 

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