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Published: August 11, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Team SoloMid FTX revealed in an interview that they plan to establish a global dominance over mobile esports
  • The esports organization will use its high leverage from its recent deal with FTX
  • TSM FTX will focus its initial efforts on its strongest regions but will also seek to expand into new territories

Team SoloMid FTX’s ride to ruling the mobile esports market continues. TSM’s director of mobile gives insight.

Becoming a Mobile Esports Powerhouse

Team SoloMid FTX, one of the most influential esports organizations, spoke with DotEsports about the organization’s plans to become an unrivaled powerhouse on the mobile esports market. TSM will both reinforce its strongest regions and expand into new ones thanks to the strong financial leverage it has from the recent FTX deal.

The naming rights deal with the crypto exchange FTX that changed Team SoloMid’s name to TSM FTX was carved in history as one of the biggest esports deals ever. The esports organization received a whopping $210 million out of the deal and is already putting them into use in order to expand TSM’s brand globally.

The esports organization’s first move was hiring a new League of Legends: Wild Rift roster in Brazil. TSM FTX also secured a coach and analyst for the team and got a content creator to boost the team’s popularity. The South American country has a promising esports scene and TSM realizes that very well.

Mobile Director Chau Reveals TSM FTX’s Plans

In an interview with DotEsports the organization’s director of mobile, Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau, confirmed that Brazil’s budding esports scene was indeed what got TSM to sign a roster there. According to Chau no other esports market can rival Brazil’s growth potential. The director explained that settling in China or Southeast Asia is currently much more expensive, especially given the lesser prospects of substantial revenues.

Chau also detailed that TSM is currently looking to become a leading global power when it comes to mobile games. It will eventually expand with new offices in Asia, Europe and South America and will hire new teams.

Chau teased that TSM will be doubling down on its Brazil efforts and will soon be signing a Garena Free Fire roster in the country. The director believes that, much like the region itself, Free Fire has immense potential that is yet to be fully realized.

TSM FTX seems to be planning things far ahead and cleverly selecting where to focus its efforts next. In the near future, we will likely be hearing the organization’s name a lot.

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