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Published: July 6, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Super Summit 11 is a Super Smash Bros. event organized by Beyond the Summit
  • The tournament will feature the biggest prize pool that a Smash event has ever had, thanks to fans’ effort
  • The total prize pool is currently at $140,000 and has the potential to grow even further

Super Summit 11 by Beyond the Summit broke the record for the highest prize pool of a Super Smash Bros. tournament by a large margin. 

Super Smash 11 Boasts the Highest Smash Prize Ever

Smash Summit 11 is an upcoming Super Smash Bros. tournament organized by the popular esports event organizer Beyond the Summit. The tournament is set to take place between July 15 and July 19 and will give Super Smash Bros. professionals the chance to go on a global esports scene. 

Not only will Smash Summit 11 be the crossover fighting game’s first tournament of such scale in a while, but it has officially become the first such tournament to surpass a total prize pool of $100,000. The tournament’s prize was almost fully crowdfunded and reached an impressive $140,000 thanks to the funding round. This is almost as twice as high as the second-largest Super Smash Bros. tournament prize pool, which was over $83,000 in 2017’s Smash Summit 5.

 That total funding comes from the fans who invested over $345K in making this event possible. 

The prize can still grow as fans will be able to contribute in the next few days. 

A Prize Pool Made Possible by the Fans

Smash Summit’s crowdfunding system is the following: it lets fans vote for their favorite Super Smash Bros. players to appear at the event by buying merchandize and Beyond the Summit Smash Twitch channel subscriptions. This way, the community plays a big part in the event as it both chooses the players and contributes to the prize. 

Moreover, this form of crowdfunding sparked additional movements in the community as whole groups were being organized in order to support a preferred Smash player at exactly the right time. 

In the voting rounds, players voted some notable players like Hungrybox, Dawud “Aklo” Rahman, Logan “LSD” Dunn, Yingling, and N0ned to receive direct invitations to the exhilarating Super Smash Bros. tournament. The last two barely made it and almost got eliminated by bc S2J and Envy Wizzrobe. 

It’s been a while since Super Smash Bros. fans have last had an event of this scale. It is exciting to have the game’s esports scene return with a bang. Additionally, younger fans will soon be able to experience and participate in a Super Smash Bros. collegiate league, starting this fall. 

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