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Published: November 8, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Riot Games and Fenty Beauty entered a collaboration right before the release of the former company’s new series
  • Fenty Beauty will help Riot with valuable fashion advice on how to make its diverse cast of characters even more appealing
  • The fashion brand held a beauty segment during Arcane’s release in Los Angeles

Fenty Beauty became Riot Games’ official beauty partner right ahead of the release of Arcane, Riot’s new animated series.

Riot Games and Fenty Beauty Hand in Hand for Arcane’s Launch

Riot Games continued hyping up its new Runeterra-based animated series Arcane up until the last moment with yet another partnership. This time it is a collaboration between the video game studio and the cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty, founded by the famous songstress Rihanna.

The agreement will see Fenty Beauty as Arcane’s official beauty partner. As such, the cosmetics brand will provide valuable advice for the aesthetics of Riot Games’ content. According to the official release, Fenty Beauty “will curate beauty looks across Riot Games and content aiming to highlight the multifaceted and diverse beauty landscape that celebrates beauty in all of its forms.”

Arcane had its premiere on November 6 and has been available on Netflix since. Right now fans can watch the show’s first three episodes, with more to be released throughout November.

Not only that, but Arcane wrote history as it officially broadcasted its first episode on Twitch. Netflix allowing one of its shows to be streamed on another platform is an unprecedented happening and is definitely worthy of mentioning.

Fenty Held a Beauty Segment at the LA Premiere

On the same day as Arcane’s release, Riot Games and Fenty Beauty celebrated their partnership with a collaborated event in Los Angeles. Local fans of the Runeterra universe were able to see Arcane in its full glory right on release.

Fenty Beauty had a presence at the venue where it hosted a VIP beauty experience. According to the brand itself, its goal was to “push the boundaries of collaboration” and have a presence both in Riot’s content and among its fans.

Riot Games has made sure to make the release of Arcane as exciting as possible. The company is also collaborating with Secret Cinema for an interactive Arcane event on November 21 where fans will be able to experience the world of Runeterra first-hand.

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