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Published: April 26, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • San Francisco 49ers’ Richard Sherman has joined Enthusiast Gaming’s board of directors to help the esports organization on its journey to reach its full potential
  • Sherman has connections with Silicon Valley and the investment community in the United States
  • The NFL ace has been part of the Luminosity Gaming esports family since 2019 when he joined as an ambassador  

Enthusiast Gaming opens arms to welcome NFL star Richard Sherman as the esports organization’s newest board of directors’ member.

Richard Sherman Strengthens Enthusiast Gaming’s Executive Lineup

The line between media, sports, and esports is ever-thinning and NFL free agent Richard Sherman stepping in as a member of Enthusiast Gaming’s board of director is just another example of how the three worlds have collided.

Sherman is not an athlete-turned-gamer, though, as he has been interested in video games and esports long before. Since 2019, he has been a part of Luminosity Gaming’s ambassador team which is Enthusiast’s esports brand. Enthusiast Gaming spared Sherman no praise and welcomed the athlete as part of the company’s family.

Speaking on the occasion, Enthusiast CEO Adrian Montgomery said that Sherman stood out by virtue of his business acumen and contacts in Silicon Valley. This and more brings “an invaluable breadth and a fresh perspective to the board,” he said, adding: “On behalf of the Board, we are thrilled to welcome Richard and look forward to benefiting from his increased involvement.”

Esports and Professional Sports Closer Together

Sherman’s NFL career aside, the man has been a part of numerous high-profile ventures including Decibel, a global venture capital firm. He is the founder of Blanket Coverage, a foundation that focuses on low-income communities and helps students with necessities to attend school.

Sherman’s connection to gaming is well-documented, as he admits himself, outlining his reasons for pursuing competitive video gaming after achieving recognition in the sports world: “I became interested in the business of video gaming and esports seeing the emergence of the industry come alive right in front of my own eyes and recognizing the tremendous growth potential that exists, which has many parallels to professional sports.”

He argued that Enthusiast Gaming as an organization has been able to successfully navigate the esports industry and create value for its organization. Moving forward, Sherman is keen to be an active part of Enthusiast’s journey towards reaching its full potential.

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