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Published: May 24, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Netflix may soon be adding video gaming products to its list of streamlined on-demand cinematic content
  • The streaming giant has long contested that its main competitors are not other rival platforms but rather video gaming platforms
  • More game developers are seeking out Netflix as a viable platform to launch their product on

Netflix is interested in expanding into the video gaming space by more than just launching dedicated video game-inspired TV shows. 

Netflix’s Exploring Gaming Options Reports Say

The phrase “Netflix and chill” is about to have another meaning added to it as the streaming giant is now considering breaking into the gaming space, a new report has revealed. That shouldn’t be surprising as such, given that during previous earnings calls, the company acknowledged that video games are already cutting into its revenue, luring away viewers from it.

Well, choosing to fight fire with fire seems to be the logical choice here. Netflix has reportedly approached numerous video game industry veterans and is now considering market “bundles of games,” albeit this doesn’t really flesh out what the underlying intention is.

Is Netflix going to set up a store, or is it going to host service similar to Microsoft’s Stadia, which turns any computer into a powerful gaming machine so long as you have a stable subscription and are willing to pay the monthly fee?

Either way, Netflix has a reputation to live up to, having created affordable and high-quality on-demand cinema platforms available to billions of consumers worldwide. Expanding into games seems the next logical space, and it provides synergies with companies such as Marvel. Netflix is already bringing game developers on its platforms, debuting both the Dota: Dragon’s Blood and The Witcher series, inspired by the gaming universe.

Competing and Working with Video Makers

There is also the upcoming Riot Games’ “Arcane” series, and as it turns out, the Russo brothers are now exploring a Magic: The Gathering series. The lines between the gaming and cinematic worlds are merging quicker than ever before, and Netflix seems to be in a good position to benefit from that.

Just like many purveyors of online entertainment, Netflix experienced a tremendous search in interest during the pandemic, with subscriptions shooting up globally and the average customer account life expectancy growing.

The lid on Netflix’s newest ambitious endeavor has been blown, but what comes under the steam will take a while to find out. Netflix has not made an official comment so far, but it’s likely for details to be forthcoming.

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