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Published: March 3, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • is launching automated campaigns that would streamline the tournament hosting process for consumers
  • The company has already hosted over 75,000 tournaments and 60 million games so far
  • Repeat CEO and co-founder Aaron Fletcher says big data allows the company to stay competitive and cater to consumer preferences

Esports tournament platform is bringing in automated campaigns to help companies host events quicker.  

Automating Tournaments, Expediting Wins has launched a new initiative to empower registered brands run automated campaigns. The esports tournament hosting platform has an impressive tally of over 75,000 tournaments and 60 million games so far, is looking to streamline onboarding.

The company seeks to remove some of the “red-tape” and replace it with results-driven and easy-to-run automated campaigns instead, the platform said in an official press release. The “all-in-one” tournament platform, as Repeat calls it, will help brands reach out to their target audiences. 

Players will benefit by finding a competitive format they are interested in, and brands will make sure to post a much better engagement and attract higher interest from gaming community members. 

Repeat has taken care of the architecture as well, making sure to create a solution that runs on low-bandwidth and allows players to connect seamlessly online. Repeat was once a minnow, but the company’s most recent results are impressive on all counts.

In Q4 alone, the platform drove a solid 550% growth, giving it the basis for further expansion in new competitive titles and format opportunities. Repeat CEO and co-founder Aaron Fletcher offered some insight into the internal logic that has driven growth for the company.

“We constantly talk to gamers, influencers, and brands across multiple titles and geographies to ensure that as the industry evolves, we’re always building what they want, not what we think they want,” Fletcher explained. 

Yet, Repeat’s success lies both in modular and automated solutions. By retaining the “modular” option, the platform can quickly adapt to new titles and integrate them for the gaming community to benefit from before such integration has become obsolete, the chief executive added. 

Turn Every Game into Esports with Repeat

Repeat is not focusing on just a handful of games as traditional esports, even though there are already numerous campaigns launched in popular competitive games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Fortnite

Rather, Repeat tries to make competitive gaming more down-to-earth and allows players to match based on numerous factors, as well as create the most valuable experience. Prize pool fulfilment is another aspect that the company looks out for to guarantee the greatest satisfaction from its product. 

To see just how successful Repeat has been so far, it’s worth mentioning that the U.S. Army, Totino’s, and Papa John’s are just some of the names that use the platform to host competitive gaming campaigns. 

“A single campaign with Repeat can generate results that would take 200+ tournaments to achieve elsewhere. Our unique ability to measure success with tangible data and brand outcomes is also an important step to bringing more accountability to esports partnerships,” Fletcher added.

Repeat is not calling it a day just yet. The platform will introduce new embedded tournaments as well as create direct integrations with various gaming software platforms. Popular esports titles such as CS:GO and Overwatch are on their way as of the time of reporting. 

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